The key to cement pool maintenance is ensuring to look after it on a regular basis. If you maintain a routine of testing, cleaning, and adjusting the pool water balance, and inspecting your Gulf Coast backyard pool, you can prevent some of the bigger issues. Of course, this takes quite a lot of energy and time. If you want to enjoy your concrete swimming pool, but you do not have the time to look after it properly, you have come to the right place. The best Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool technician can offer regular service that your concrete pool needs.

Cement Pool Maintenance

Here are some tips to help you practice cement pool maintenance effectively:

Watch for cracks

Since concrete is rigid, it’s prone to cracking. Cracking often takes place when the soil around a swimming pool shifts. This might be because of the soil settling or a change in the water table. It can be due to seismic activity. You will need to address cracks once you see them. Small cracks can fast turn into big issues if ignored. When a crack is tiny, it can often need sealing. If it gets bigger, it can need larger repairs or even a full resurfacing.


It is one of the most essential cement pool maintenance requirements. This approach will help to get rid of the buildup of stain and mildew from the swimming pool. Contrary to acid washing that uses muriatic acid to remove stains, this method is a more tedious and complicated one.

Cement Pool Maintenance

Different factors can cause stains to develop in pools. These include total alkalinity, calcium hardness, low pH, and dissolved solids. Higher levels of specific metals such as copper, magnesium, and iron can also lead to pool staining. Letting stains to stay in the swimming pool can reduce the appeal and look of the pool. It might also leave swimmers with infections. Because of this, having ample cement pool maintenance is important.

Acid washing

This is a technique that entails removing and cleaning stains from an inground concrete pool’s sides and bottom. In particular, this involves using a neutralizing soda ash, water, muriatic acid, and a scrubbing brush. If you own an old inground concrete pool, you might want to think about having our expert pool technicians do acid washing.

Vacuuming and brushing the sides

Using a soft bristle broom to brush the side walls decreases the build-up of calcium and algae growth, which can result in a bigger issue.

Vacuuming is often automatic and is fixed to the hose and the device does the cleanup. We recommend cleaning your swimming pool once per week.

Cement Pool Maintenance

Cement Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Whether you need help with installation, pool repairs, or quality pool service in Gulf Coast, Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals has your needs covered. We’ll help maintain the right levels of chemicals and pH and clean the swimming pool as necessary. Just call us to schedule a consultation and we’ll find the level of care that’s right for your budget and your pool.

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