Backyard pools can add a whole new element of fun and relaxation to your Charlotte home. Whether you already have a pool or you are looking to build one, there are so many options available that your head might be spinning. It is true that there are a lot of options, but it is also true that you have your own sense of style and taste. This makes designing a swimming pool so much fun! You get to create a backyard oasis that you’ll absolutely love!

backyard pools

Backyard Pools With Your Personality

While there is nothing wrong with allowing a designer to take the reigns and help you create a pool that you are going to love, you have all the say in the project so if at anytime you are working with one of our professionals and you would like to make changes, let us know and we will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Backyard pools are meant to bring pleasure and delight to the new owner and the rest of their friends and family.

Recessed Lounge

If you like being near the pool but you don’t want to get wet every time, look into a recessed lounge area. These areas will allow for you to have a dry spot to sit and relax within the pool but with a dry path to get it so you don’t have to worry about swimming or splashing over to your favorite place to kick your feet up.

backyard pools


When you put a waterfall in your pool, not only are you adding a beautiful visual experience, but you are also adding the sounds of a waterfall. The sounds and sight of a waterfall will create a setting that can be great for multiple reasons. You might want to have a romantic dinner by the waterfall and listen to the sounds or you might find it is a great time for zen and do some yoga by the waterfall. There are different feelings and emotions depending on the setting you are experiencing the waterfall in.

Infinity Pools

As you are looking through photos of backyard pools, you are probably seeing your fair share of infinity pools. These beautiful pools give you a sense of no separation from the outside of the pool. These are extremely beautiful if you are able to put them on the edge of a mountain, large hill or overlooking the water.

backyard pools

The Shape of Your Pool

Deciding on the shape of your pool is a very important part of ensuring that you are going to have a pool that you enjoy. Backyard pools can be almost any shape these days now by using concrete pools for construction of your backyard pools. Instead of having to fit into a mold for a fiberglass pool or work with a vinyl liner, you can ask about creating your custom pool with concrete. Give us a call today and see how you can get started.

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