If you are thinking about upgrading the lighting for your Chattanooga pool, you might be wondering what pool lighting is going to be the best for you. In this article, we are going to go over common pool lighting questions so you can be sure that you are going to get pool lighting that is going to work for you and meet your needs.

pool lighting

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Common Pool Lighting Questions Answered

If you aren’t sure why you need pool lighting, you should know it isn’t only about safety, but it can set the mood for your whole backyard. Looking out at your backyard and being inspired by the landscaping, pool lighting and everything else that you have set up will allow you to relax and also do better at work and relationships. The sense of satisfaction flows over into all areas of life.

Pool Lighting for Your Current Pool

If you already have a pool, you may think that you’ve already passed up your chance to get beautiful in the pool lighting, but that is not the case. You will be able to get pool lighting in your current pool even if you’ve already had it installed.

pool lighting

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It is true that is is better to get your pool lighting done when you are getting your pool installed, but there are options for getting lights installed after you’ve already had your pool constructed. You can upgrade lights that you already have or you can get completely new lights installed in your pool.

How Many Lights You Need

When you are looking at the volume of pool lighting that you need, you should know that different pools and people are going to have varying needs. If you are having small LED lights put in then you may need more of them placed in areas that need more pool lighting. The best thing to do is contact us and ask us questions that you have about the volume of lighting that is needed in your pool.

pool lighting

Options for Pool Lighting

One of the most popular options for pool lighting is LED since it allows for a high degree of illumination as well as their energy efficiency. Another popular option is fiber optic and even incandescent lighting has some people that prefer it over the other options. Some idea about how they are different: LED bulbs give you about 30,000 hours of light, incandescent 5,000 hours and fiber optic 6,000 hours. If you would rather not replace your lights often, you might want to go with LED.

Creating Ambiance In Your Backyard

The easiest way to create a magical ambiance in your backyard is to have beautiful orchestrated pool lighting. You can get lights that automatically change color or allow you to pick the color that you would like for the pool. Whatever you choose, having lights set up is a great way to make your backyard look like a wonderland. If you’re ready to get the process started, give us a call to learn more about how we can help.

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