Creativity has no limit at PPS. Our focus is to continuously design swimming pools that are great for recreation and are also visual focal points of our clients’ homes – satisfying their desire to get wet while captivating their eyes! If creatively integrated, a swimming pool can harmonize your outdoor space by making it appear elegant and luxurious. Our swimming pool catalogue at PPS includes a number of current and cutting-edge designs of this nature. The most recent addition is the sea wall pool that our crew installed in Maine. This custom seaside gem, which was inspired by The Giola, a stunning pool-like natural lagoon in Greece, was installed next to ocean for high tide filling – resulting in a natural salt water pool. It’s the perfect go-to hangout spot and it offer stunning views of the sparkling clear blue waterway in Maine.

sea wall pool

The Giola Lagoon

 sea wall pool

The Giola Lagoon is a gift from Mother Nature – a stunning natural lagoon with pristine blue water that looks like a pool encircled by rocks. It is situated at the edge of the Agean Sea close to Thassos Island and it is often recognized as one of the best natural swimming holes. Folklore also states that Thassos Island where sirens, who are known for their beauty and ability to sing, reside –the area just got even cooler! It’s certainly worth adding to your bucket list if you should ever visit Greece. Interestingly, the lagoon is also believed to be the eye of Zeus in Greek mythology.

The lagoon is separated from the ocean by 8 meter high rocks from which visitors can conveniently jump into the pristine water which is regularly rinsed by the lapping ocean waves. Its waters are also much warmer than the ocean’s waters, making it much more comforting for visitors who want to relax and take in the beautiful scenery of the ocean. The spot is definitely worth visiting if you happen to be in Athens with your family. While it’s primarily accessible by foot and does require a great amount of trekking, you’ll no doubt enjoy yourself.

Our Sea Wall Pool In Maine

sea wall pool

The sea wall pool in Maine is a fun and exciting alternative for individuals who prefer not to go swimming in the ocean due to strong currents. It offers the best beach experience without the trouble of dealing with sting rays and other ocean wildlife. Waves from the ocean break regularly into the pool, so swimmers can play around in the clean, warm saltwater as if they were visiting the Giola Lagoon. The sea wall pool is made of durable material on a stainless steel framework, so there’s no damaging effect of the waves crashing in. With the sea wall designed to mimic natural rock formations it’s almost impossible to tell that the pool is custom built.

There’s no project that’s ever too big for PPS. This is evident from our Giola Lagoon inspired sea wall pool. Designing engaging yet visually appealing swimming pools is what makes us the best at what we do. Contact us today if you’re interested in a custom designed swimming pool for your home in Maine.

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