A lap pool is a swimming pool that’s large enough for one person to swim laps. Most popular lap pools are single lane and restricted, but some of them are big enough to accommodate two-lane traffic. Lap pools serve a great purpose to homeowners with smaller backyards as it can be installed either outdoor or indoor.

Lap pools can even be customized in themes and with spas. Now check amazing lap pool design ideas that will make you fall in love with them.

Neptune Pool Design

A Neptune lap pool is a perfect design for a private house. Combined with a spa, this pool is ideal to relax and enjoy your personal time.

Panama Pool Design

lap pools

A cool looking lap pool is perfect for regions that experience bright and sunny summer days. It will not only offer a comfortable feeling to you but at the same time help you make the most of those sunny days.


An outdoor lap pool right at the main entrance is a great way to grab attention. It works as a core highlighting feature of your house and let others know your love for fun and enjoyment.

Modern Pool Design

pool shape

Blue tiles in a lap pool perfectly complement the wooden flooring all around. This lap pool design is a perfect exhibition of coolness, safety, and limitless relaxation.

Wyuna Pool Design

This is a perfect design for swimming enthusiasts. The pool is perfect to practice your swimming skills as well as have a great time chilling in the hot summer days.

Ocean Pool Design

For homeowners who expect elegance and sophistication from their pool design, this one is just perfect. The sitting adjacent to the pool gives you enough space to have a splash of water while conversing with your friends. At night, the pool looks astounding with lovely waterfall features incorporated near it.

Barrier Pool Design

A great way to maintain constant movement of water in your lap pool is using the flowing water feature. It maintains constant movement of water and makes it look both fresh and clean.

Aqua Pool Design

This lap pool design is great for health clubs. It gives you a clear view of the tiles, which precisely match the beautiful mosaic wall design adjacent to it.

Pool with Spa Design

Check Out These Lap Pool Designs for Your Backyard 1

The idea of a lap pool with a spa is already very exciting. A spa with the pool is a great way to add more comfort. If you have a lake next to your house then this is a great design idea to have a lasting connection between the lake and the pool.

Pymble Pool Design

Using glass material in the pool design is a great way to showcase the serenity of pool water.

Stewart Pool Design

Designing a lap pool in a smaller backyard clearly shows the benefits and comfort of having a lap pool in your house.

The above lap pool designs are perfect to swim without investing much money, time, and space. These pool designs are great for homeowners who are constrained in terms of functionality, usability, and cost.

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