Checking the water level in your pool is a crucial aspect of pool maintenance. Whether it is due to evaporation or rains, water level either decreases or increases. These might also affect the chemical balance in the pool. Here are a few ways in which you can check the water after your Marin pool construction:

Checking for Pool Leaks

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If you are using your pool regularly, it loses water every day due to evaporation, depending on the weather or season. But if you doubt that there are some leaks in your pool, you can confirm it in simple steps. Take a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with pool water up to 5 inches from the brim. Now fill the pool to the level as you would generally do. Immerse this bucket at least 5 inches into the water or place it on the second step. Mark the water level in the bucket from the inside.

Turn off the pump and mark the water level in your pool. Later, turn on the pump and run it as is usual. After 24 hours, compare these two water levels. If the pool water level decreases more than the level the bucket loses, it will be clear that your pool is leaking. Otherwise, water loss is due to evaporation, which is normal.

Change in the Water Level Due to Rains

It will be a bit confusing during the first rains you receive after your Marin pool construction. The rainwater not only increases the water level in your pool, but it also changes its pH, calcium hardness and causes a chemical imbalance. Or, the pool gets filled with leaves, dirt, debris, and other things. Rainwater hitting your pool directly is just as bad as runoff from the deck.

If plaster or metal parts fall into your pool, you might have to deal with corrosive pool water later on. Any change in pool water chemistry has adverse health effects for you and your family. Hence, you will also need to test your pool water quality using a pool kit. However, if you do not do this thoroughly or fail to follow the correct procedure, the pool can even become toxic. For this reason, let the professionals handle your pool maintenance needs.

Conserving Pool Water


Additionally, use a multiport valve in your filter to conserve pool water. Make sure to set the filter to waste mode, instead of vacuum mode to eliminate water directly. Moreover, you can try to minimize splashing and keep the water in the pool, but not outside. Keep the fountains or other water features switched off when the pool is not in use.

Pool Tools and Covers

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Cleaning the dirty pool filter by backwashing wastes huge amounts of water and pool chemicals. Hence, keep your pool tools and equipment clean and in working condition so that your pool is safe to swim. For proper skimming, you must maintain the right water level in your pool. Therefore, check your pool water level, its chemistry, and drain excess water frequently. This way, you can avoid any future problems.

Since evaporation seems to be the major culprit of water loss, it makes sense to use a pool cover to fight it. Whether it is your Marin pool construction or general maintenance and repair, contact a pool expert with years of experience who can find solutions to your issue.

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