Choose A Custom Pool Built-in That Makes Your Pool Las Vegas-Party Ready 1When it comes to parties, Las Vegas will not be left behind! You don’t have to be in a fancy hotel to experience an amazing Las Vegas-style party! Have one in your own home with a swimming pool party that will surely inspire good times with family and friends.

Talk to the leading pool builder in Las Vegas about the best custom pool built-in for your pool party needs.

Sloped Entry Custom Built-In
The usual pool entry involves a ladder or a few steps. This isn’t nearly as exciting as entering the pool slowly through a sloped entry. Ease people into the water and let the excitement rise. This custom pool built-in is best for big yards and big pools.

Swim-Up Bar
What’s a party without a few drinks? Get wet and wild with a little help from a well-stocked swim-up bar. Your guests will love you for it! Chill with your favorite cocktail. No worries – the bartender is chilling too, enjoying a dip in the pool.

This custom pool built-in is incorporated within your poolscape, and includes sunken barstools and a bar with all the requisite fix-ins.

In-Water Bench and Table
Similar to the swim-up bar is this custom pool built-in. You can allot a section of your pool for a few sunken benches and tables, and fashion this section with hydrotherapy jets. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to have a drink on-hand while being soothed by these jets.

Of course, for in-water benches, tables and bars, make sure to keep water at a safe level. Alcohol and pool depth need a good safe mix. If you expect the party to get really wild, assign a lifeguard; and make sure he or she stays sober.

Tanning Ledges
How cool would it be if you could immediately step into cool water after your tanning session? A tanning ledge, also known Baja Bench, is a ledge set in 6 inches deep water. It is big enough to accommodate a couple of tanning benches. It can also be a makeshift wading pool for toddlers.

Who says a Las Vegas party is always wild? It may just be you and your BFFs enjoying time under the sun!