When designing Charlotte pool landscaping, give more thought to ideas that add warmth, texture, and color to space. You can grow blooming shrubs or plants perennials to make your backyard inviting. Always choose the plants near the pool with care. A tall plant or tree will drop leaves and debris into the pool. Also, there are some plants, shrubs, or trees that may not survive near the pool. Here are some easy tips to choose the best landscaping layouts for your backyard.

Charlotte pool landscaping

Understand the Needs of Your Backyard

The idea of landscaping in the backyard depends on the individual needs of you and your family. You can prepare some rough ideas based on which you may want to place various features. Without even a master plan, you can play around with many ideas. If you intend to use this space for outdoor entertaining, you may want smaller plants around the walkways.

Plant Succulents near the Pool

In recent years, succulents have gained much popularity for both front and backyard landscaping. They can be sculptural in their form and add a mystical beauty to your desert pool. However, when choosing succulents for your pool area, make sure they don’t have spines that can hurt children and pool goers running around in their swim costumes. If you want large succulents, plant them away from the pool on a raised bed.

Choose Ornamental Grasses

With ornamental grasses, you can enhance the visual aesthetics of your Charlotte pool landscaping. Ornamental grasses are low maintenance and they look fascinating near the pool. The best options include giant reed, bamboo, lemongrass, fountain grass, Korean grass, and Japanese blood grass.

Select a Focal Point

Before you start planting blooming shrubs or ornamental grasses in your backyard, choose a focal point of the landscape design. Ideally, it should be the swimming pool around which you will plan the entire layout. Choose the right type of pool, and design the landscaping based on its shape and size.

Charlotte pool landscaping

Use Planters and Baskets to Add Height

To create multi-dimensional landscaping, you can use planters and containers that add layers to your yard. Hang baskets with blossoms or spillers like begonias and sage. Elevated planters with beautiful colors will create a visual effect that never fails to impress. Tall containers look beautiful, and they are easy to move depending on the occasion.

Drape Vines over Outdoor Structures

Vines climbing over walls, trellises, pergolas, and fences weave a mystical charm around your pool. Choose the fast-growing vines like Carolina jessamine, Passionflower, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Trumpet vine. The deep green tendrils winding around columns will create a stately effect on the entire area. You can either contain the vines in planters or let them rumble over the shrubs. It depends on your choice. When mixed with custom pool features, it creates a mesmerizing ambiance in your yard.

Plant Blooming Shrubs

It is the best Charlotte pool landscaping idea to attract more attention to your backyard. Blossoming flowers in a riot of colors will make an incredible mark on your yard. You can choose Chinese snowball, lilies, hibiscus, or marigolds to make your backyard look more welcoming.

Follow these easy tips to choose the best Charlotte pool landscaping layout for your backyard.

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