With a stunning water feature like a sheer descent waterfall, you can bring nature right in your backyard. Whether you are redesigning your backyard or upgrading an outdoor space, a new water feature is all you need to uplift the beauty of your home. Since water features are available in all shapes and sizes, you can choose the right one by following these tips:

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Proceed with a Budget

When choosing a water feature, the budget is likely the most crucial factor to keep in mind. You should explore your options after making a certain budgetary limit that includes extra expenses such as utility installations and maintenance as well. At the time of making the budget, factor in the cost of protective covers, materials, and possible design options that you may choose.

Assess the Size of the Area

Whether you have a large landscape or a modest garden, you can find a sheer descent waterfall or other custom water features to fit every space. You can go for a subtle addition or choose an imposing focal point for your backyard. For example, you can choose a rock waterfall for a large concrete pool while a vase spilling water into a basin is perfect for smaller spaces.

It is better to proceed with a rough design that matches the actual scale of your project. With this estimation, you can allow space for extra features like plants, borders, or safety fences around the water feature.

Consider the Types of Water Features

The choice is endless when it comes to selecting the right water feature for your garden. In minimalist gardens, a simple fountain accompanied by a colorful planter can create the perfect balance of beauty and serenity. On the other hand, if you have a traditional backyard, you can choose classical Napoli fountains that work as a focal point in the setting. For the swimming pool, you can choose a sheer descent waterfall or a rock waterfall with a natural rock grotto for adding extra interest to your outdoor space.

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Choose the Right Positioning

Since water features offer a variety of sizes and styles, you should think about the right positioning as well. A low-level water feature like sheer arc waterfall is great for a vinyl liner pool while a taller waterfall looks amazing in a concrete pool. Here, you should also consider the surrounding landscape before allocating a water feature. Take help from the professionals to assess if your ground is flat or sufficiently sloped for the type of waterfall or landscaping feature you need.

Ask for the Permit

You needn’t worry about permits from local authorities if you hire a certified pool construction company for adding custom water features. They will check with the council and authorities before installation of water features like waterslides and huge waterfalls in a swimming pool.

Apart from these, you should also consider the safety requirements around the water features if you have small kids. And don’t forget to ask about the maintenance needed by the water feature before installing the same.

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