Swimming pools are quintessential outdoor fun. Having a pool in your backyard creates some unforgettable summer memories. Here is a little secret that you must know. You don’t need to leave your yard for a visit to the pool slides. Having them in your backyard will make a perfect addition to your pool. Here is how you can select the best slide for your pool.

Can Your Pool Deck Handle It?

Water Slides

Is your deck spacious enough to accommodate the slide? This is a primary question that you need to answer before purchasing pool slides. The dimensions of the place where you wish to place the slide must match with your slide’s length. This principle may not apply to corkscrew or curved slides, but they do take up a significant amount of deck space. Most manufacturers mention the space required for specific models. Examine this data during your purchase. Later finalize the model that fits well into your backyard.

Is Your Pool Deep Enough?

A simple rule is, taller the slide, deeper must be your pool. Regardless of your slide’s height, ensure that you install it in the deeper end of your pool. This precaution will ensure the safety of all your family members. It is recommended to have at least three feet of water under your slide’s mouth. You can find specific instructions on the slide model you choose. You can also seek professional help in making a wise decision.

Pool Slide Materials

Polyethylene is commonly used in manufacturing pool slides. This common form of plastic is durable and resistant to the pool chemicals. It also maintains color and retains shape despite being exposed to the sun for a long time.

Fiberglass and fiberglass laminates are the other kinds of plastics used to make pool slides. Glass fiber is used to reinforce the material. This technique helps to reduce corrosion and improve the strength of your slide.

Don’t be skeptical about the inclusion of glass – it is no hazard. Slides made from fiberglass are also durable and require less maintenance.


Safety is undoubtedly the primary concern while purchasing a slide. Check if your slide is CPSC compliant. CPSC authors several safety standards that must be adhered by the slide manufacturers. Although CPSC does not approve any product, it does test the product against the set safety standards. By owning a CPSC compliant slide, you will be relieved to know that your product has undergone 48 different safety tests. You can also look for wide ladder treads, slide flume with high walls, and easy to grip handrails.

Ease of Assembly and Installation

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You always have the choice of installing your slide. The manufacturer must provide instructions on assembly and installation. Review this document before finalizing your purchase. Is it well-documented? Are the visuals bright and with detailed explanation? Are there any online videos for guidance? Check all these factors if you wish to install it yourself. You can even seek professional help in installing your slide. They will have the necessary tools to set up your pool slide and make the entire process hassle-free.

A pool slide is an ultimate way to experience a fun-filled swim. These slides are diverse and are available in different forms and materials. Take a tour around your pool and backyard. You can then determine the best slide that will suit your preferences.

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