If your inground pool in Salt Lake City is built of concrete, it will require coping, which is a cap for the pool’s edge. Pool coping offers the chance for a decorative highlight, which can enhance your pool’s look. If a person inside your pool hangs on to the top edge, that is the coping they are grabbing.

pool coping

If you install pool coping properly, any pool water that’s splashed out of your pool should flow away from your backyard oasis and right into deck drains. The tiling of your coping should be a little bit away from your pool.

Coping can be precast in curved, corners or straight lines areas. Stones are created from grayish-white concrete with a finishing that is porous. In place of coping stones, some designs feature wood or concrete decking that is a bit over or extends to the pool’s edge. Materials include synthetic, brick or flagstone decking.

Practical purposes, materials

Along with offering a decorative edge that hides the concrete edge of a pool, coping offers a non-slip surface on which swimmers are able to walk. Our pool experts can create coping for a concrete pool from precast concrete, natural stone, and tile.

Coping for vinyl pools

Inground swimming pools are usually sold as DIY kits or packages by some contractors or dealers. Pool coping for this kind of pool, often vinyl-lined, comes with three main kinds:

pool coping

  • Flat-Mount pool coping: This is not actually coping, but a track containing your pool’s liner, on top of which is installed a more conventional coping stone.
  • Cantilever-Edge pool coping: Foam forms are properly secured on top of the wall. After that, the professionals pour a concrete deck up to the form to create a pool deck that will come right up over the edge of your backyard pool. You can use staining or stamping to decorate the concrete.
  • Top-Mount pool coping:  This is the most popular kind of coping for vinyl inground pools. You can also call it half-round or C-channel coping. Top-mount is created from an all-weather powdered coated heavy aluminum finishing. This acts as the form to pour the deck up against. After attaching to your pool wall, it is ready.

Types of pool coping

Pool coping comes in a number of profiles or finishes to suit a range of preferences or needs.

There are usually three styles of pool coping:

  • Single Bullnose
  • Rebated Square Edge
  • Square Edge

During building, the coping professionals lay the coping on the pool’s beam.

If you are remodeling your pool in Salt Lake City, you should choose specific products that will go with the existing shape. Think about how much space you should play with and whether you are complementing with existing paving.

pool coping

Pool Coping – Ask the professionals!

Selecting the right style for your project is important. The pool coping you choose depends on the material/style/ you can afford, what will suit your yard’s aesthetic and your personal preference. We suggest you talk about your coping choices with Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City specialists to get the performance and result that will work best for your backyard oasis.

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