Whether you are thinking about building a new pool in your Austin outdoor space or considering updating your existing setup with the assistance of Premier Pools & Spas of Austin professionals, the subject of a pool pump motor will definitely show up as you go along. As the heart of any pool system, pumps often have an electric motor that rotates an impeller inside the pool pump housing. Water gets filtered through drains, via the impeller and back out through pool water inlets. This helps to collect leaves and other debris.

pool pump motor

Some people may find it hard to know how pool pumps operate. New pool owners, who aren’t knowledgeable about pool pumps, can possibly ignore installing them. They can buy damaged or the fake pool pump motors as well. Understanding how your pool equipment works will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing these kinds of scenarios. It will help you achieve some understanding about the kind of pool pump motor you should get your Austin pool.

What’s a pool pump?

A pool pump’s work is to filter water. First, an electric motor powers the pump. After that it circulates water into several other tubes and machines before it’s returned into the swimming pool. You should know that the pool water doesn’t pass through the pool pump right away. It will first pass through a skimmer to make sure that large objects, like leaves, stones, and twigs will not cause clogging in the pool pump motor. After the pool water passes through the pump, it’s directed into a heater and filter before getting distributed back into the swimming pool.

pool pump motor

Choosing the right type of pool pump motor

Selecting the right pool pump motor will depend on your pool’s size. If by any chance you’ve bought the wrong kind of pump, it might damage the motor itself, the pool, and use up more energy than the proper one.

Here are some different kinds of pool pump motors available to help you choose the best one for your backyard pool.

  • Variable-Speed Pump – This pump features more than two-speed choices to decide on. Fast, slow, moderate, or whatever the swimming pool owner prefers, this pool pump motor will surely do it for you.
  • Double-Speed Pump – This pool pump motor can adjust its speed from slow to fast. Swimming pools that have spa-like qualities gain a lot from this pool pump; transforming the pool into a Jacuzzi or therapeutic-like experience.
  • Single-Speed Pump – This pool pump is the most common option among pool owners due to its affordability. It does the work very well, which makes it an effective purchase. But this pool pump motor uses up more energy. This makes it preferable for pools that are not often in use. One of the most effective practices to prevent the increase of your power bill is to turn off this pump when the pool is not in use.

pool pump motor

Pool Pump Motor – Conclusion

If you’re experiencing more problems with regards to deciding on the best pool pump motor, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Austin immediately. This will help our experts provide you with the best option. We do not only have a range of equipment for your daily pool requirements, but also provide services such as pool remodeling, pool repairs, and pool cleaning; bringing exceptional pool quality in Austin. Call us today!

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