Building a swimming pool is fun, new, and exciting for you and your family, but with excitement also comes responsibility. Keeping your swimming pool clean is an important part of being a pool owner. Keep reading so you’ll know what the best automatic pool cleaner is for your swimming pool.

adding a slideWhat is the Best Pool Cleaner for my Pool?

Automatic swimming pool cleaners can be very beneficial, especially if you’re not able to skim or brush your swimming pool weekly. There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners that are for swimming pools. Each of them have different benefits and some work better than others for certain types of swimming pools.

Pressure Pool Cleaner

This type of automatic cleaner is attached to your swimming pool pump or main circulation system. This allows it to use the pressure from your water pump to keep your swimming pool clean. While the pump is using the pressurized water to push the physical cleaner around your swimming pool, it is picking up all the dirt and debris that run in its way. This pool cleaner is more for small particles and loose debris that is in the swimming pool. It doesn’t ride along the walls clearing off the dirt along the sides of your swimming pool.

Suction Pool Cleaner

The suction automatic cleaner is used as a vacuum that moves along the floor of your swimming pool and sometimes can catch dirt along the walls too. The vacuum pool cleaner leads the smaller dirt and debris to the pool filter directly, which keeps it quite clean. The vacuum pool cleaner is also less expensive than the pressure pool cleaner.

pool cleaningRobotic Pool Cleaner

Premier Pools & Spas recommends the robotic pool cleaner for any new pool owner. Pool maintenance is crucial, and owning a robotic pool cleaner will save you in the maintenance department. Robotic pool cleaners are extremely helpful because they have their own filtration system and pump attached.

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