City that Loves Pools

Typically people love to go out and swim in the hot summer sun. Florida and Arizona are two of the hottest states and favor swimming pools to a high extend. Swimming pools are very popular, in fact most homeowners in these states have a pool or highly recommend it to neighbors and local city homeowners. It benefits them more than anything, to be able to swim and relax with the family or even host pool parties and BBQs. Along with Arizona and Florida, we have the popular state California for building swimming pools. In these fabulous and warm states here are some cities that love pools.

Coral Springs, Florida- In what’s known as the sunshine state of Florida, Coral Springs is the city that loves pools. With a 66% of homeowners also owning a swimming pool, this city is family oriented. Having a pool would be most beneficial due to the fact that in Florida it’s hot 10 months out of the year. All the heat can be a lot to transition to, the best solution would be to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

Boca RatonPhoenix, Arizona-  In Phoenix Arizona there’s a 62% of homeowners that claim to be part of a city that loves pools. Some homeowners say that it’s crucial factor to have a swimming pool. Summer days in Arizona reach 100 degrees and that would be the perfect time to jump in the pool, don’t forget your sunscreen! Certain homeowners chose to transform their whole backyards into an oasis. Arizona is also a state to go into serious drought, there are studies showing pools not using as much water as you’d think, especially if you get a swimming pool cover that helps prevent evaporation.

Dallas, Texas-  In Texas there aren’t a lot of community pools and it’s quite the distance to the ocean. There is a greater want for swimming pools here. Homeowners build them for a cheaper cost here in Texas compared to the California building costs. There is also a diverse population moving into the state of Texas, therefore not used to the heat and wanting to swim in a pool of their own. There’s a 32% of people that say there city is a city that love pools the most.  

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