What Finish is Perfect for Your Pool?

Having a classic pool is not complete without a wow finish. The entire structure is covered with a finish of your choosing, usually made of marcite, quartz or pebble. The option you go with will be determined by the desired overall aesthetic.

Classic North Georgia Pool Finish 1

What’s the Difference?

Marcite has been widely used for decades. Marcite is often known as just plaster, it’s a mixture of cement, marble, and fortified with additives to enhance water resistance and strength. Lasting 8-12 years a marcite finish is the most economical option for plastering and re-plastering. Marcite is white but can be dyed into blues and grays, a popular option for Lagoon styled pools. Marcite’s once former popularity is phasing out. The endurance of marcite often does not withstand the staining or erosion that occurs overtime. If you live in an area with hard water it is preferred that you go with a quartz or pebble finish, as they are more durable against hard water elements.

Quartz finishes have a marcite base with silica and small quartz granules that have been mechanically rounded. Although the application of a quartz finish is the same as a marcite finish, the results are absolutely not the same. The strength, resilience, beauty and durability of a quartz finish is a finish marcite cannot compare to. This stain-resistant, nonporous finish resists erosion and is difficult to scratch. Quartz comes in a variety of colors such as red, teal, blue, grays, and tans adding to your overall aesthetic. This could up the look of your classic Georgia pool and spa. The cost of quartz is typically 20-30% higher than marcite but the benefits listed above make the cost more than worth it.

Classic North Georgia Pool Finish 2

The highest end pool finish for your classic Georgia pool is a pebble finish. Small pebbles ranging in sizes (all small) are applied to the pool in the same way a quartz finish is, with marcite. Some larger pebbles may be rougher than a quartz finish and could possibly leave indents in the skin. A pebble finish is not necessarily recommended for your tanning ledge. Pebbles come in prepackaged bags with a variety of colors similar to quartz. A pebble finish is more labor intensive than any other finish. More labor means more money, but this high end look may be the perfect addition to your classic Georgia pool. Pebble finishes are about 45-60% more money than marcite finishes, so at least 25% more than a quartz finish. Typically homeowners can get 12-14 years out of a pebble finish.

Classic North Georgia Pool Finish 3


Let Premier Pools & Spas Build You Your Dream Backyard Oasis!

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, the finish definitely helps determine that. If you’re resurfacing a pool, perhaps switch from your marcite to a pebble finish will give your classic Georgia pool a more upscale appearance. Without a doubt investing in your pool finish has a multitude of benefits that are undeniable. Premier Pools and Spas will gladly walk you through what finish will look best for your dream design and what finish will be best for your intended pool use. Contact us today for more information!