Idaho, Boise experiences warm and dry spells during the summer and fall seasons. When you want to breathe some fresh air without excessive exposure to the sun’s rays, take a dip in the comfort of your backyard pool. It is a sure-shot way to cool off during the hottest months. Choose from an array of classic style swimming pools and create an ideal refreshing retreat for you and your loved ones to splash around.

Turn your summers into an exciting opportunity to make optimum use of your pool facility. Given here are some classy pool design ideas to help you beat the humidity:

Contemporary yet Doable

Pool Decking

Think of your pool as an extension of your home by sticking to straight lines and a classic rectangular design. The dimensions of the pool need not be large, taking into account space constraints. You can limit it to 9 by 18 feet with a lovely looking deck leading into the pool.

The deck comes in handy should you wish to lounge, read, sleep, eat, or entertain, in close proximity to the inviting waters. It is also an ideal perch from where you can dip your feet into the pool without wetting yourself entirely. Being surrounded by the greenery in your backyard adds to the overall appeal.

Experiment with Curves

design the perfect pool

You need not conform to a standard rectangular design of classic style swimming pools. Adopt a unique approach, stand apart, and score high on the cool quotient. Opt for a circular, semi-circular or irregular patterned pool with twists and turns. Use of natural stones combined with soft lighting can replicate the ideal dreamy ambiance in your backyard of all places.

The novel shape of your pool shifts your focus from it being small in size. For a little extra indulgence and budget permitting, you can even include an exclusive water feature or Jacuzzi as part of your pool. Before you know it, there will be many hints thrown your way by neighbors and friends, dying to soak in this heavenly experience firsthand.

Go Deeper 

Instead of concentrating on the length and width of your private pool, save on your available backyard space by adding more depth. Plunge pools do not eat into your square footage area and neither compromise on deck space. Modern designs are not just limited to their stylish appeal. In the long run, they prove practical as they cater for easy maintenance and prioritize health over aesthetics.

Tweak To Your Taste

The overall look of classic style swimming pools can be tweaked to reflect your individual preferences. If you prefer rustic, keep the design as close to nature, with no added frills. The pool area can even be transformed into your favorite holiday destination by replicating certain aspects synonymous with the landscape of that region. Even the tiles used on the floor of your pool enhance the complete look. Use vibrant or subtle hues to fit into the color theme of your backyard.

A pool is your personal space, so get creative and make your pool a summer haven.

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