When considering classic style swimming pools, the choices in style are limitless. You can get a look that’s all your own by combining materials in unique combinations. A great kick-off point for choosing a pool style for your San Antonio backyard space is to check out the style of your property. Designing the new pool, in the same way, can make it appear as if it was there the entire time.

classic style swimming pools

Consider these classic style swimming pools.

Round Pools

If you are working with a smaller space, or your backyard space is built into a hill and has to be below the deck, think of a round pool. These classic style swimming pools are a good way to diverge from the regular rectangular look, as well.

Mediterranean Pools

These are best most popular for their aqua Roman or Greek shapes and aqua water color. A common option is stone decking, with colorful ceramic tiles accentuating the waterline. Popular features to include in these classic style swimming pools are waterfalls.

Natural Pools

These pools feature design elements, which include vegetation, soft angles, curves, and natural rock to recreate what’s seen in nature. They usually also have water features like waterfalls to carry on that sense of the beauty of nature. The lack of straight lines and rigid angles creates a pool that will complement your surrounds. Natural pools can be built with waterfalls, a sloping beach entry, stone decking, and other rock features.

classic style swimming pools

Tropical Pools

When you think about the tropics, what springs to mind is water and relaxation! You can bring a little bit of the ambiance of the tropics to your outdoor space in San Antonio with a tropical pool. Palm trees, lush plants, waterfalls, and boulders are all attributes of tropical-style pools. If you want to take your tropical pool over the top, you can try inlaying a mosaic of turtles, fish or other tropical themes on the pool’s bottom.

Show Stoppers Style

If you’re glad when everybody else loves your outdoor space, a show stopper style pool may be exactly what you require. Whether it is a rain-wall that stands out or cascading waterfall, this pool will certainly keep your guests returning for more.

Modern Pools

These are characterized by geometric shapes and clean lines. They usually have stunning displays of mosaic tile and bright colors. To keep the simplicity of shape, spas are usually incorporated in modern pools.

Infinity/Vanishing Edge Pools

Vanishing edge pools are also known as zero edge pools, infinity edge pools or negative edge pools. These are classic style swimming pools that will create an eye-catching visual effect by having at least one side over which pool water constantly flows into a catch basin positioned below. The infinity edge will draw your eye beyond the edge of the pool since the visual ‘stop’ is the horizon, rather than the pool’s edge itself.

Elegant Style

This type of pool is great for somebody searching for a classic style outdoor space to match their home.  A wonderful, but simple approach can be very spectacular!

classic style swimming pools

Classic Style Swimming Pool – Hire Premier Pools & Spas

Are you ready for a classic style pool that’s uniquely your own? Whatever style you want, we’re confident you’ll love your Premier Pools of San Antonio backyard pool. Contact us today for a free design and quote!

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