Stored your swimming pool cover away improperly after you open the pool? When you don’t store your pool cover away correctly, it can become ruined and unusable. Then, when you’re ready to close your pool this leads to cover failure after the swimming season. Don’t fret! There are simple tips and tricks that you can follow for proper storage methods, which include:

Pool Cover

How to Clean and Store Automatic Covers?

Automatic covers stay attached to your pool throughout the year. So, their storage isn’t a big issue. But, you ought to be careful when cleaning these covers. Use a leaf blower to clean off the cover and you can sweep its edges using a broom. For wet covers, you can use a hose and spray the debris to one end. If in case, your pool cover has some water on it, you can use a pool rake to clean the debris, dirt, and algae. These pool covers are easy and simple to use when you want to open the pool for the summer season.

How to Clean and Store Lock-in Covers?

The lock-in covers can be made from vinyl material. They are designed to clip into the coping track above the track that holds the liner. You should store these covers wet to avoid shrinking. Before removing them, use brushes to clean the lock-in covers. You can fold and roll them up like a sleeping bag for storage. Use a sealed container with algaecide and water to store them. The algaecide prevents the water from turning rancid and keeping the cover safe after you’ll open the pool.

How to Clean and Store Tarp Covers?

The tarp covers needn’t be stored wet or in the chemicals. You can simply clean them and roll them up like a sleeping bag for storage. The modern tarp covers have a thickness similar to a plastic garbage bag. If you do not store them well, they will get holes in them. Do not drag your tarp covers to avoid tearing off their surface. After cleaning them with a hose, store them safely in a sealed container.

In's & Outs of Solar Pool Covers

How to Clean and Store Solar Covers?

Solar covers or solar blankets are expensive pool accessories. You should prevent them from damage. Hence, keeping them clean and safe is essential. If you want temporary storage, use a solar blanket reel. The cover is attached to this reel using straps. When you want to open the pool, roll the cover on to the reel and pool it back after the use. The reels come with wheels on their bottom to roll them easily.

For long-term storage during winters, you should clean the covers thoroughly with a safe cleaner and soft brush. Make it completely dry to prevent mildew. Once the cover is folded on the seams, you can roll it up and place in a large bag. Preferably, keep this bag in a dry and safe place where the cover stays away from rodents and insects. Remember, improper storage can damage the bubbles of the cover and make it useless.

Follow these easy and effective methods to store the pool covers after you open the pool for the upcoming swim season.

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