Indoor swimming pools offers you 365 days of fun in the water, which is their biggest appeal. However, when building an indoor pool for your Oklahoma home, do not approach it as would do with an outdoor pool. Given below are some of the most commonly made mistakes, which is ideal for you to avoid.

Forgetting the Indoor Environment

Generally, the indoor swimming pool differs from an outdoor pool on many levels. Firstly, an indoor pool has more humidity, due to its design. For this reason, you can see many building materials rotting over time if the humidity is not kept in check. As a result, the windows appear to be foggy and you feel suffocated.

In order to avoid this, you need to take proper care during the pool building process itself. Proper dehumidification system is a must for the air quality inside the pool room. Hence, find the right pool builder who specializes in constructing indoor swimming pools.

Not Providing Proper Ventilation

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The hot, humid air escapes out of the pool area through proper vent systems. Otherwise, there will be an increase in the production of chloramines and bad odors. Windows or air ducts do the job right, provided they are in the right place. Since the hot air rises up and towards the ceiling, the cool, return air must enter at the correct height. Therefore, low return ducts or diffusers directed at the pool cause rapid evaporation.

Giving Poor Structural Support

If you have many windows but of poor quality, then humidity rots them. This happens because the builders do not use the right materials. The blame also lies with the designers, architects, and mechanical contractors. They usually install regular living spaces with normal humidity and temperatures. Most of them do not know whether to use standard drywall, green board or a waterproof board. In other words, improper designing and installation methods make the structure weak. This is the reason you must choose an expert pool company to build your indoor pool.

Neglecting the Lighting

You should not neglect the need for ample lighting for this indoor space. Skylights and retractable roofs are great ways to allow natural light into the pool. Similarly, glass roofs and doors let the outdoors in, during the summer. However, during the nighttime, you will need enough lighting for your safety.  By contrast, minimal lighting can cause you to slip and get injured. Not just for safety, you can also use wall sconces and mood lighting for aesthetics. Furthermore, you get an attractive look with underwater lighting for your pool.

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Ignoring the Pool Equipment

You can use your pool all year round with unglazed solar heating systems. These contain a solar collector, a pump, a filter, and a flow control valve. However, ignoring the care of your pool equipment disturbs the water chemistry. Of course, you already know the importance of balancing water chemistry. Hence your builder should also offer regular maintenance for your indoor swimming pool.

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