Pool installation is a welcome addition to the backyard for many Vacaville homeowners. It offers a never-ending source of fun in the hot summer days and something to look forward to during the cold months. A backyard pool will add a touch of luxury, and it is a lasting investment in fun and fitness. However, a pool does have some maintenance responsibilities, and most pool owners make these few common pool cleaning mistakes. By knowing these pool care mistakes and how you can avoid them, you can ensure your pool stays clean and ready-to-enjoy throughout the summer season.

pool cleaning mistakes

Here are a few pool cleaning mistakes to avoid in Vacaville:

Forgetting to brush and scrub:

Another frequent mistake that homeowners make in relation to cleaning is that they forget to thoroughly brush and scrub the pool’s bottom and sides. It’s important to skim the pool water of debris, and regularly add pool chemicals. But without brushing and scrubbing, algae and other microorganisms can accumulate on the pool’s surfaces. This can result in algae spores, chemical imbalance, and other problematic issues. Preferably, you need to be scrubbing your pool’s bottom and sides at least once every week.

Not testing pH on a regular basis:

Your pool water’s pH is continually changing because of factors like sweat, rain, evaporation, and sunscreen. Testing the pH level of your pool just a couple of times every season is not enough to maintain healthy pool water. You need to test the pH levels of your pool once every week. Also, make chemical adjustments depending on your findings. If you need help, hire the best pool service professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville to test pH levels and balance water chemistry.

pool cleaning mistakes

Not enough filter runs:

You need to run the pool pump and filter for at least 8 hours every day.  If you don’t run the filter enough, it will increase the possibility of algae build up. The more time you run the filter, the much lower the risk of issues later on.

Depending on automatic cleaners:

The work of these devices is to automatically suck up and store away leaves and other debris that are in your pool water. And while these automatic cleaners can be ideal for assisting you to take care of an already-clean pool, you should not use them as an alternative for manual scrubbing and cleaning. Most of the time, pool owners will assume that using an automatic cleaner means you do not have to do their regular maintenance and cleaning, but this simply is not the case.

Clogged baskets:

Letting the pump or skimmer baskets to become clogged with debris will result in stress on the motor. It will also cause inadequate filtration, and ultimately a green and cloudy backyard pool. It’s important to inspect every day to ensure all baskets are free of debris and clean.

pool cleaning mistakes

Pool Cleaning Mistakes – Conclusion

Do you want to know more about maintaining your Vacaville pool this summer season? If so, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville for personalized tips, pool installation and maintenance services done by our experts.

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