Swimming pools can be a great addition to the overall ambiance of a home. Also, it is an excellent source of recreation and immense fun with friends and family members. For such reasons, homeowners give great preference to swimming pools. Pools can help you create beautiful landscape by imparting more visual impact. Hence, it is important to consider the way you design and accessorize it.

To ensure your pool design lends as an excellent addition to your landscape and provides great refreshing and relaxing time, here we share with you some of the best pool waterfall designs.

Multiple Waterfalls

Designing multiple waterfalls in your pool is a great way to enhance the overall look. It gives a pool lovely, elegant look. At the same time, multiple waterfalls are perfect to maintain constant movement of the water in your pool area.

Oasis Design

Consider building a gazebo in your poolside across the waterfalls. This way, homeowners can design a stress – free and relaxing zone in their home.

Aquatic Pattern

Temecula pool builder

Design a pool with a fountain and a combination of waterfalls in the poolside. This not only makes a pool look different and inviting but also creates varying sounds to break the silence within the backyard.

Add Waterfalls

Create a beautiful landscape by adding a relaxing space not within but outside the pool side. Add waterfalls outside pool space to enhance the look of entire space.

Doherty Design

Install waterfalls in your swimming pool. This will make a huge difference as well as add rich beauty to your poolscape.

Inground Pool

pool lighting

Use waterfalls to enhance the appearance and feel of your inground swimming pool. Install colorful lights near these waterfalls to highlight consistent movement of water in the swimming pool.


Pep up the look and feel of your clear and clean pool design by installing waterfalls and water fountain. These additions will add a great scenic beauty to the entire area.

pool waterfall lights

Waterfalls with Fire

Use waterfalls near the sides of pool. Add some lights to create an ultimate, lively effect. It will keep the entire environment relaxing and pepped up.

Rain Harvest

Utilize the flowing Jacuzzi water to have ultimate enjoyment with your friends and family members. The flowing water is perfect to keep the entire appearance lively.

Integrate Nature

Design a unique pool landscape by integrating numerous natural elements to the design. It will make your family members feel close to nature and give them an ultimate experience of enjoyment.

Luxury Pool Design

If you have big, tall trees around your pool area, incorporate elevated waterfalls in the pool. It offers great comfort as well as creates a beautiful landscape.

Pool Waterfalls

To enjoy non-stop falling of water from a height, install stones of varied heights in your pool design. It will not only create variations but will make the whole place look more serene and gorgeous.

Contemporary Waterfalls

A modern pool design with elite features will certainly make you pool look more inviting. Accompany it with comfortable seating to offer users a soothing ambience.

Installing waterfalls can enhance the appearance of your swimming pool. It creates relaxing sound and generates a strong positive effect to the exterior environment.

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