A geometric swimming pool is not only great for enjoying a swim, but it’s also great conversation pieces and can set off your Austin backyard in an amazing way. There are plenty of different designs you can check out with geometric swimming pools, and you may have seen some of these pools at your favorite celebrity home. You have lots of options with these pools.

Compliment Your Home’s Modern Architecture with a Geometric Swimming Pool

Their lines are very clean and stately and are great in the midst of trees, shrubbery, potted plants or any other landscaping you would want. Their clean lines don’t take away from the landscaping; in fact, they greatly compliment it. Take a look at the geometric swimming pools that are available to you now, or you can help to create your own design.

There are lots of layout choices when designing a swimming pool. With the lots of choices of shape and size, consider a geometric shaped swimming pool as the best choice for your backyard. A great way to showcase design features and materials is adding elevation as well as improvements to geometric pools. You can add a stunning piece to the backyard with LED lighting, a waterfall, or a mosaic design on an elevated ledge.

Some geometric pools are built for aesthetic as well as practical benefits. An L shaped geometric swimming pool provides both practicality and beauty. The L design permits a play area or shallow entry, as well as a long side for swimming laps.

Popular features of a geometric swimming pool

Compliment Your Home’s Modern Architecture with a Geometric Swimming Pool

Geometric pools are rather simple; however, there are many choices for customization. From adding a spa to spectacular water features, there are various things you can try out to enhance your geometric pool and transform it into your dream backyard oasis. Here are some of the most popular features of geometric pools:

  • Disappearing edges
  • Sharp corners
  • Layered entries
  • Straight-line edges
  • Sleek design

Based on which route you go, a geometric swimming pool shape can create a stunning timeless aesthetic. The most popular shape for modern pool designs is rectangular, which helps them to remain complementary and classic to any additional features in your backyard.

The advantages of geometric

When comparing geometric to freeform swimming pool shapes, think of these differences.

Geometric pools swimming pools offer the following benefits:

  • Compliments the architecture of most homes
  • More suited to activities such as swimming laps
  • Can easily be added
  • Good for incorporating a vanishing edge
  • Easy to construct
  • More affordable

Compliment Your Home’s Modern Architecture with a Geometric Swimming Pool

We can help you select the ideal fit

Premier Pools & Spas of Austin have the professionalism and creativity you require for a stunning geometric swimming pool. To look at the pools, we have to offer or get an estimate, feel free to contact us or browse our website. Our experienced team will be more than happy to help you throughout every stage of the selection and the process of installation.

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