Are you considering installing a concrete or gunite pool on your property in Gulf Coast? You’ve made a good decision. Nothing beats adding a beautiful inground pool to your yard. But before you decide, it’s important that you fully understand which works for you. So let’s get started.

Concrete or Gunite Pool

Concrete pool

Pool builders use different formulas to create the actual mix used for building a pool. In concrete, you will find four basic kinds of materials used: aggregate, water, cement, and other needed chemicals. The creation of this formula depends on the kind of application needed. It also depends on the finishing performance required for the concrete.

For building well-designed pools, two key performance requirements are important with regards to concrete: the water’s tightness and strength. Concrete pools can come in many different designs, shapes, and finishes. You can incorporate features like LED lighting and wet edges to your pool. Concrete pools also have a longer life-span with a total elimination of deterioration like blister, rot and rust.

Gunite pool

Gunite is a kind of concrete used for building a pool’s walls and floor. When professionals use a dry mix rather than a wet mix to spray the actual concrete, the result is what we call gunite. We can shape a gunite inground pool to fit any kind of pool basin. For this reason, when you need a customized task, the best material to use is gunite. This material can create a range of designs, which include custom steps and waterfalls.

Concrete or Gunite Pool

Gunite’s versatility allows for countless variety in swimming pool shapes. It’s easy to finish your gunite inground pool using a range of choices that complement the rest of your outdoor space. Colorful glass, pebbles, and plaster finishes are some ways to add a touch of class and beauty.

Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast are well-skilled in building and installing cutting-edge gunite pools, which have led to countless happy customers.

Concrete or Gunite pool – Differences

Gunite pool shells are created with high pressure and velocity for spraying a mixture of dry cement. An operator uses one of the nozzle to add water to the mixture.

When it comes to concrete, the pool’s shell is formed by spraying an already prepared cement and water mixture at high pressure and velocity.

Concrete or Gunite Pool

What’s right for you?

Whether you select a concrete or gunite pool, the building process of both is quite similar. The difference occurs at the time of spraying the concrete.

If you’re looking for professionals to build a gunite pool for you, Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast will do professional work for you with detailed construction terms and an accurate schedule for installation. This will ensure that your backyard oasis is ready to use at any given time. Call us today!

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