A highly important consideration for a pool deck is the kind of material to use. With an ample number of concrete options for pool decking available, making the right choice can be daunting. To let you make a wise choice, check out some common concrete pool decking options.

concrete pool decking

Decorative concrete

Such concretes are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and surfaces. From patterns that mimic brick, tile, wood, and natural stone to broom-finished and exposed concrete, the options are endless. You can add decorative embellishments with concrete decks to enhance color, or engrave patterns. Design a deck that blends perfectly with your home’s outdoor and surrounding landscape.

concrete pool decking

Colored concrete

Integral colors, dry-shake hardeners, and chemical stains are some popular methods to color concrete pool decking. Coloring is done simultaneously with stamped concrete, enabling you to replicate the colors of your preferred materials or natural stone. Light colors are great for pool decks, primarily because they reflect UV rays and keep the surface cool.

concrete pool decking

Stamped concrete

For creating accurate replicas of pool decks with natural stone, brick, or flagstone, stamped concrete is the best option. When mixed with hardeners and colored with stains, these concrete look similar to real stone. However, it is easier to maintain and install. Stamped concrete can be crafted to complement other decorative elements in your backyard.

Rock-salt finishes

Such concretes are low-cost, easy to install and add subtle texture to the pool. They hold great resistance to slip. Grains of rock salt are pressed hard to create this form of concrete pool decking. They are beautifully speckled and hold appearance similar to a weathered rock.

pool decking concrete

Stenciled concrete

This can be an excellent alternative to decorative stamping concrete while offering similar designing. Stenciled concretes are prepared using disposable paper stencils to create different patterns and designs on fresh concrete. Before removing the stencil, a dry-shake color stain or hardener is applied to the concrete pool decking. This gives a natural appearance of individual bricks or stones.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are slip-resistant, durable, and hold the look of natural brick or stone. These pavers come in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to create unique design schemes that perfectly complement the style and shape of your pool.

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