Easily accessible by car, Westlake Village gives you the best Los Angeles vacation spot without the city’s overcrowding. Experience the Conejo Valley’s natural beauty, famous for its rolling hills, clean and fresh air, and blue skies with great weather all year round.

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If you are pool owner in Westlake Village, you might be trying to figure out the way to conserve your swimming pool water.

Saving water is important. Water is a resource, which should be protected and valued. Below are seven simple methods to conserve your pool water.

1. Fix any leaks.

Leaks in your pool are one of the quickest methods of water lose. Small leakages can drain a swimming pool very fast, leading to l a lot of water being wasted. Check your swimming pool equipment frequently for signs of seepage. In the event you see the level of your pool water is decreasing regularly, you can carry out this easy bucket test to find out if the loss is as a result of evaporation or from a leak.

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2. Switch off waterfalls and fountains when not required.

If guests are coming over, you may probably need to show off your pool in its entire splendor. Water features, waterfalls, fountains, lighting, and more. But otherwise, the features must be turned off when swimming pool is not being used. This will stop unnecessary evaporation, and will as well save power!

3. The water level should be kept a little lower.

When your swimming pool is used often, all that splashing and swimming can lead to plenty of water going over the pool edge. You do not want to stop enjoying your swimming pool, so consider maintaining the level of water several centimeters lower to stop unwanted spillage.

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4. Put a stop to evaporation by designing your landscape.

Evaporation takes place faster when the wind moves across the water surface. Placing decking, shrubs, or other landscaping features around your swimming pool can keep it protected from the water-stealing wind. Furthermore, the beautiful landscaping gives your swimming pool a relaxing atmosphere and might even generate more privacy.

5. Cover your swimming pool

Swimming pool covers give many benefits. Not only can using a pool cover decrease water evaporation significantly, but it maintains your swimming pool water warmer, so you do not have to use energy to heat it up. Also, it reduces the growth of algae and needs fewer chemicals, helping you save time and money.

6. Use correct chemicals to treat your pool

It only requires a short period of negligence swimming pool maintenance to lead to considerable problems. Take care of your swimming pool water and keep it balanced. Not only will this guarantee your pool is safe and clean but helps stop issues. If you are careless in maintaining your pool, you might find yourself having to over-correct an imbalance by adding more water. Stop this wastage of water with frequent checkups.

7. Backwash sparingly

You must not backwash your swimming pool many times or for extended periods each time. Backwashing many times may also minimize the efficiency of your filter. Know what is most effective for your filter and pool, and conserve water by only backwashing when needed. It is also wise to clean the filter manually, since you will use less water and most likely accomplish a better task cleaning than backwashing will. When you are backwashing, think about reusing the water in your garden to stop wastage.

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