You don’t need an enormous Vegas, Nevada backyard to enjoy all the advantages of an inground pool. Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas understands that not everybody has the space for a huge swimming pool, so you simply can enjoy luxury small fiberglass pools instead. You can unwind and enjoy summertime the in these pools, which also fit well in most outdoor spaces. Whichever style of small fiberglass pools you choose, our pools come with a myriad of ways to make every summer season the best it could possibly be.

Small Fiberglass Pools

Here are some benefits of Small fiberglass pools:

Small pools are stunning

Plunge pools created for lounging and wading are all the craze the nowadays. Instead of domineering your outdoor space, small pool pools complement it, usually offering a decorative function as much as a fun one. Previously, fiberglass pools got a lot of criticism for looking cheap. Nowadays, they come with appealing styles to suit any backyard. As a result, small fiberglass pools are a viable choice for most people.


Without a doubt, small fiberglass pools shell costs less than a bigger one or the installation of a standard-sized gunite pool. But there are some money-saving benefits that come with small pools, which might not be noticeable at first glance. To start with, shipping for smaller-sized shell will be inexpensive. This is an important factor taking into account as manufacturers ship fiberglass shells whole. Furthermore, just like any other small pool, you will definitely save on maintenance. You’ll also save a lot with lesser-known expenses associated with pool ownership.


Fiberglass pools offer simplicity with regards to installation and maintenance. The same can be stated for small fiberglass pools. Put them together, and you have a pool that:

Small Fiberglass Pools

  • You can purchase them ready-made without unending decisions concerning features
  • Does not occupy lots of space in your outdoor space
  • Needs fewer chemicals and less maintenance effort
  • You can install fast, with much less chance for things to not work out

Naturally, small fiberglass pools have their disadvantages as well. For instance, you’ll find a very limited number of swimming pool shells to select from. This can be an issue if space is minimal and you have to squeeze the swimming pool into a specific space. If it is control and customization you are after, you are still better off installing a concrete pool.

However, for most people, the idea of small fiberglass pools is greatly enticing. It brings together the main benefits of two of the best pool design fads going. The fact that it pool owners find it simple is probably the greatest benefit of all.

Can small fiberglass pools still have the same features that large pools have?

The answer is “Yes”. It’s possible to add pool features or accessories you would want to a small swimming pool design. Features like automatic covers, pool lights, and pool heaters aren’t limited by a pool’s size.

And if you are considering incorporating a Baja shelf or tanning ledge, you can include it right into the pool design!

Small Fiberglass Pools

Small Fiberglass Pools – Conclusion

With regards to selecting the right swimming pool for you, Premier Pools, Las Vegas pool builders can help. Contact us today to speak with a pool expert about what pool is perfect for your small area.

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