Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream, and when that dream comes true responsibility comes with it. Owning a swimming pool means that you have the option of a luxurious and relaxing backyard oasis. Most homeowners want to spend all of their time relaxing poolside, not worrying about the maintenance of their pool. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a professional pool service company.

Contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for weekly swimming pool maintenance 1

Contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Northern California is heating up! Everyday we get closer to summer. The summer months in Northern California are May to August, and our summers up here get hot! No doubt that you will be getting the most use of your pool during this time. Roseville is no exception. So how can you truly make the most of your pool this summer? Proper swimming pool maintenance. Now, more then ever, it is essential that you maintain your swimming pool. Otherwise, you may find yourself in deep at sun splash on a regular basis because your pool is out of order.

The most efficient way to maintain your pool is to hire a professional for the weekly upkeep. You have way more important things to be doing this season then slaving over your pool in the summer heat. So, naturally you turn to Premier Pool Service of Roseville for all of your pool maintenance needs. This way you can rest assured that your pool will be sparkling all summer long. They will take care of all your pools unique and specific needs, while keeping you in the loop about the maintenance taking place.

Redding pool cleaning

What to Expect from your Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Weekly swimming pool maintenance is essential, but what exactly does it include? Premier Pool Service has multiple service packages to choose from, so the next steps listed can vary from package to package.

Here is a breakdown of some basic pool maintenance practice that you can expect to be preformed on your pool. First off your service professional will remove leaves and debris from both the skimmer basket and the strainer-housing basket. Next, they will use a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves, dirt, or other debris that have fallen into the pool. Afterwards they will likely vacuum the pool to remove any dirt and debris that may be resting on the pool floor of the liner.

Once the pool is free of debris, a service professional will test your swimming pools water for total alkalinity and pH balance. If the pool is not alkaline they will add the appropriate amount of chemicals to help it achieve alkalinity. Next they will test Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine and add chlorine tablets to your chlorinator as needed. Followed by adding 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons of Clarifier and 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons of Algaecide. This of course is per your request and swimming pool maintenance needs.

They will check for filter pressure and backwash the filtration system if necessary. Although, this process may not be done every single week. They will check the pool’s water level and adjust accordingly. As a rule of thumb the second screw from the top of the skimmer is an easy way to tell if water needs to be replenished or if water needs to be drained. Your service professional will access your pools overall health and determine what kind of treatment it needs going forward. For example, if your pool water is cloudy, looks like milk, or is the color green, they may add 1 pound of shock per 5,000 gallons to treat the issue.  Now that you have a basic understanding of what goes into weekly swimming pool maintenance, you can sit back, relax, and let Premier Pool Service of Roseville get to work. 

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