Salt water pools are becoming a popular trend year after year. There are multiple benefits to having a saltwater pool that current homeowners may not know about. Pool owners are converting their chlorine swimming pools into salt water swimming pools and here is why.

Why Should You Convert Your Swimming Pool to A Saltwater Pool?

Swimming pools are popular to the middle class homeowner. A backyard oasis is a place where family and friends can gather and have a good time making memories. However there have been times when the kids complain about the chlorine in the pool and here is why you should convert to a saltwater pool.

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No More Chlorine

The truth is these harsh chemicals may not even be cleaning your swimming pool. Chlorine is a chemical based and when chlorine comes in contact with contaminates in your swimming pool it is called chloramines. Sometimes chloramines aren’t effective and the chlorine doesn’t kill the bacteria it is supposed to, which leaves your swimming pool unclean. No one wants to have an unclean swimming pool.

Chloramines also cause irritation to the eyes and skin, making your Cleveland backyard oasis not as enjoyable as it once was. Another factor that one may consider is the “green hair” incident. Blonde hair turning green is a mixture of chlorine and chlorine tablets which have high levels of metal (like copper), which ends up turning peoples hair green.

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Choose Saltwater

After all the chlorine talk you must be ready to dive into a saltwater pool. Here is why you should choose to convert your swimming pool to a saltwater pool. Salt water doesn’t require harsh chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean. Also saltwater pools aren’t as irritating to the skin or eyes like chlorine is.

With regular swimming pools you have to keep up with the pool maintenance consistently. Whether that’s skimming the surface for debris, cleaning the pool filter, or testing your pool water pH balance. With a saltwater pool you don’t have to keep up with weekly pool maintenance because the salt is already cleaning your swimming pool for you. You will no longer have to dump harsh chemicals into your swimming pool.

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Still Have Questions?

Some pool owners are worried about switching over to a saltwater pool because of the notion that it will be as salty as the sea; however, this is not the case. Your Potomac swimming pool will have no where near the amount of salt that the ocean does. Your salt swimming pool wouldn’t even taste like salt, but we don’t recommend drinking the swimming pool water!

If you are considering converting your existing swimming pool into a salt one do your research on if your existing pool equipment is compatible with a salt conversion. Some equipment doesn’t have the right system to be able to circulate salt water throughout your swimming pool.

How To Convert Your Cleveland Pool Into a Saltwater Pool?

Converting your swimming pool into a salt pool is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The first step requires you to pour large amounts of salt into your swimming pool. Once that is done you’ll notice that your swimming pool is cloudy, don’t worry about that. One of our professionals can then come out and install a chlorinator into your swimming pool, which will regulate the amount of salt that is going into your swimming pool. After a few days, check the balances of your swimming pool water. Check for free chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, and salt content.

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