Pools play an important part in realizing many people’s dreams. Each year, you’ll find new pool trends. The most popular trends for pools are seen in changing manufacturing methods, styles, shapes, and landscaping. The design trends are continuously changing as new pool features, materials, and technology, get on the market. Nowadays, you can find never-ending options than ever. This can help to personalize and add character to your Portland custom inground pool. Here are a few cool trends in Pool Designs and Technology you might want to think about when creating a swimming pool space or remodeling an existing one.

Pool Designs and Technology


Technological innovation helps to ensure that all kinds of equipment are efficient. It’s through technological innovation that you are able to schedule several shorter cycles in the most flexible way. You can also operate your equipment during off-peak. Actually, you can use your smartphone to control your system anywhere and anytime you want. You can also, control the audio components, spa, jets, lights, and fountains easily.

Remote control

While automation of most swimming pool features is good, it’s possible to control some pool features in a convenient, easy way features. Nowadays, you can use an app to control pool features remotely. Previously, if someone wanted to unwind in their hot tub, they had to go outdoors and turn it on and then wait for it warm up. These days all you have to do is add an app to your tablet or smartphone. This lets you turn the hot tub as you are leaving the office so it is all warmed up by the time you reach home.

Pool Designs and Technology

Custom pool shapes

Over the years, swimming pool shapes have advanced a lot. Nowadays, pools you can build pools to any shape or size you desire. Want your swimming pool in the shape of the State of Texas, a guitar, or a fish? It is possible. Want to be able to play volleyball or basketball in the pool? No problem. Want to swim laps? You can design the pool to be narrower and longer.

Splash decks

This is a shallow part of the swimming pool, often just a few inches deep. It often slopes steadily to the pool deck providing it with a beach-like look. Splash decks are perfect for families with young kids. They are great for sun tanning because you can put swimming pool chairs on them. Or if you would like to keep away from the sun, you can build a detachable umbrella into them.

Pool Designs and Technology

Pool Designs and Technology – Ask the Professionals!

Contact Premier Pools, Portland pool builders to know more about how pool designs and technology will help you get the most out of your backyard oasis, and to help modernize pool maintenance. Our experienced professionals will inform you what’s important to get your swimming pool up to speed with this fascinating, state-of-the-art technology. We’ll be glad to also let you know how we can use up-to-date pool design and materials to make your dream pool! If you want to see what your swimming pool will be like in 3D, we can give you a visualization when our Premier Pools & Spas of Portland team offers you the quote.

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