Cooling Down Hot Swimming Pool Water

How to Cool Down Hot Pool Water 1Not being able to enjoy your swimming pool during these hot summer days is not what you intended when you decided to build a swimming pool in your backyard. It seems like dumping buckets of ice is the best solution at this point. Even though the ice would just cost more and wouldn’t have a long term effect on your swimming pool. Premier Pools is suggesting to hold off on the buckets of ice and let’s first think of some other ways to cool down your swimming pool. There are ways to cool down hot swimming pool water and actually enjoy it without it feeling like a warm bathtub.

Causes for a Warm Swimming Pool:

There are 3 things to look at if your swimming pool water is getting to hot. The outside temperature, your swimming pool cover and your pool heater. Two of the three things are easy fixes, take the swimming pool cover off your swimming pool and let it cool off so the pool cover is no longer trapping the heat in your swimming pool. Thus, making your swimming pool less warm and more cool and enjoyable.

The pool heater is also a simple task, you just turn the heater off and then it stops heating up your swimming pool water. Making it more comfortable to swim in, so you don’t have to swim in a warm swimming pool anymore.

The third option to why your swimming pool water may be warm/ hot is due to the temperature outside. Especially if you live in a place where the weather is between 80-100 degrees a day. There isn’t much you can do about the How to Cool Down Hot Pool Water 2weather and controlling the temperature. Above ground swimming pools attract a lot of the heat the sun gives off more than than an inground swimming pool because the water reflecting off the top isn’t the only way the sun is heating up the swimming pool. It is heating up the above ground pool through the sides/ walls of the swimming pool as well. Don’t worry, there are ways to cool down your hot swimming pool water.

Ways to Cool Down Hot Swimming Pool Water:

One of the first ways that Premier Pools and Spas suggests to cool down your hot swimming pool water is, investing in a pool cooler. A pool cooler is much like the pool heater, except works the opposite way, instead of heating your swimming pool up it cools it down. It flows the warm water through the pool cooler and bypasses a fan,then re-inserts the cool water back into the swimming pool. A simple solution to fix your problems, although the pool cooler is a big investment and must be installed and maintained professionally. In the long run, this investment is worth it.

Another way to cool down your hot swimming pool water is by incorporating a water feature into your swimming pool design, this way the circulating water keeps the pool cool and moving. It’s harder for the sun to evaporate the swimming pool water, it would be focused towards the water that is spraying the in the air. Cooling your hot swimming pool water would best take effect at night. Taking advantage of the night when the temperature is cooler will help cool down your swimming pool water, making your experience with your swimming pool better.

Even More Cheaper Ways to Cool the Pool:

Sheer Descent WaterfallsIf those cooling ideas are particularly in your budget at the moment there are more options to choose from and won’t cost you as much. There is the option of setting up misters around your swimming pool, a fence or a wall around your swimming pool. You can install an awning around your swimming pool, or a gazebo. Something to put up and keep your swimming pool shaded and out of the hot summer sun.

All these options are perfect ways to cool down your swimming pool and improve your summer fun! Premier Pools has a passion for splashin’ and we’re making sure our loyal customers have the summer they deserve in their swimming pool. Have a fun in the sun and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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