Whether you want a vinyl liner or a fiberglass pool, the cost of pool liner is an important factor to consider. Before making an investment, you should compare the overall costs of installing and operating the pool. Here is a comparison of costs for owning a vinyl liner pool versus a fiberglass pool.

Installation Cost of a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Mostly, the fiberglass pool costs cover manufacturing and installation as well. If you need additional accessories, water features, or landscaping, the cost may increase accordingly. There are pool kits that allow you to install the pool on your own. Though this option has cost incentives, it is important to understand the associated risks and hidden costs of handling this task on your own.

In fact, hiring pool professionals to supply and install the fiberglass pool is much more cost-effective and hassle-free. For a new fiberglass pool, the cost of installation varies from $30000 to $70000+. There are many factors that affect this cost. The technology of pool shell, conditions of your pool site, size of the pool, additional accessories, and quality of products are the main contributor to the costing factor.

Installation Costs of a Vinyl Liner Pool

The cost of vinyl pools is lesser than other options. Inground vinyl liner pools incur as much cost as the installation of fiberglass pools. Generally, they cost up to $10000 less than a concrete or a fiberglass pool. You also have the option of DIY kits for installing this pool. But, it is not easy to install the liner flawlessly to avoid any damage or lose connections.

There are also additional costs for excavation or any concrete work involved in the process. Hence, it is advisable to leave this task to the professionals. If you hire a pool builder, they will handle the process right from taking permits to final completion of the pool. The upfront cost of pool liner installation will be much lesser when you hire the professionals.

Maintenance Cost of Fiberglass Pool

The ongoing maintenance is not a major issue in fiberglass pools. Once it is installed, there aren’t too many efforts needed for maintaining the pool. All you need to do is follow the recommended guidelines of the manufacturer.

Also, maintain the water conditions and chlorine levels throughout the year. With timely maintenance, you can avoid heavy repair cost of pool liner. You don’t need sophisticated pool cleaners and electricity for ongoing maintenance of fiberglass pools.

Maintenance Cost of Vinyl Liner Pools

Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass

When compared to fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools need more maintenance. The vinyl liners are susceptible to damages caused by sharp objects or cleaning equipment. Typically, they have a life expectancy of 4-9 years. But, they may need an early replacement without proper and regular maintenance.

When comparing prices of both, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, you should look at the bigger picture. Consider both the cost of owning and maintaining the pool. Depending on your final consideration, choose the right type of pool that fits your budget and needs. Take help from the pool professionals for a free estimate of the cost of pool liner.