COVID-19 and The Construction Industry

covid pool building delaysAcross the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses, from the transport of goods to your local restaurant’s limited availability. So, too, the pool industry has experienced some major changes due to the Coronavirus.

With travel off the table and quarantine requirements in play, the demand for swimming pools has increased sharply. Homeowners are spending money on their backyards and “staycations” are the norm. In fact, the pool building industry has seen a staggering increase since the start of the pandemic.

While this is great news for pool builders, such growth brings about several challenges. Builders typically grow their businesses to meet the demand. The sudden increase in homeowners desiring a pool puts many builders behind the eight ball.

In some states, construction was brought to a halt, which caused a backlog in pool building just as the demand increased rapidly. This not only affects actual pool builds but acquiring permits from many cities and counties has been delayed. A recent survey of the top 50 pool builders across the US suggests that over 36% experienced delays in obtaining permits, while another 8% were not able to get permits at all.

Pool builders work with construction crews whose availability has been limited during the pandemic. Add in the requirements of social distancing and a higher level of sanitation protocols to the list of challenges.

Additionally, like many consumer goods, pool builders have experienced a decrease in product availability. The demand for steel, composite and other pool building materials has caused suppliers to become backlogged, and delivery of materials has been disrupted due to virus protocols.

Premier Pools & Spas is dedicated to its customers, and our top priority is to build the pool of your family’s dreams. While delays are to be expected, we are working through the challenges the pandemic has created and look forward to creating your perfect backyard oasis.

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