In the past few months, summer plans, birthday parties, and many outdoor recreational activities were put aside and in many parts of the country, are still on hold.

People are seeking alternatives for entertainment, relaxation, and celebrating life’s small joys in different, safer ways. Some of the popular purchases have been RVs, home theaters, and backyard swimming pools.

While it seems like a sudden and drastic change, the desire for a private escape is in high demand. Even as the world waits for the impending end of COVID, the demand for pools appears to be climbing.

COVID and the Pool Industry Influx   1 Residential Swimming Pools: COVID and After

With outdoor venues like water parks and public pools remaining closed, more people turn to their backyards and outdoor spaces to spend their time.

Pool companies are receiving never-before-recorded orders. They believe the demand will be the same for swimming pools post-COVID due to:

Skepticism About Public Pool Safety

Although some states have opened public pools, many are still unsure if they want to use shared pools during COVID.

There is no evidence that coronavirus will spread through pool water, especially when it is chemically treated. However, there is widespread concern about safety in crowded areas.

Maintaining social distancing may not always be possible in a commercial pool, no matter how careful the swimmers may be.

Establishments May Close Indefinitely

There is no guarantee that local public pools, spas, resorts, salons, etc., will stand the test of time in today’s uncertainty. Many businesses, office spaces, retail stores, gyms, and restaurants have already closed permanently.

Outdoor family venues that provide secluded stay and service may withstand the current circumstances, but public pools may not.

Residential swimming pools offer you a backyard retreat exclusively for your family and loved ones, without the concerns associated with public entities or the concern of sudden closures.

Rise of Remote Working Culture

Experts in various sectors predict that the pandemic’s influence over working style will continue. With so many offices allowing their employees to work from home, this may become the “new normal” for many in the workforce.

Already, organizations are looking to hire more contingency workers, i.e., part-time, contractual, or remote-location employees. There are also other large-scale shifts happening, particularly in technology and IT.

While businesses save money, employees are also happy with the absence of long commutes and time spent in rush hour traffic. Less time on the road can mean more time to enjoy personal spaces.

covid staycation The Comeback of the Backyard Staycation

Travel plans are on hold for the near future. Even as the hospitality recovers losses, travelers are abstaining from hopping on planes and cruise ships or visiting crowded attractions.

Moreover, they have learned to appreciate the Zen-like, relaxed living style that comes with being at home. They may not want to move away from their comfort zones, even when Covid is no longer a concern.

Enter backyard staycation, a trend that has been in vogue for years. When you cannot go on vacation, you can bring the holiday home.

You can take this opportunity to hire a contractor and get a swimming pool and spa that offers you an in-home haven. Whether you desire a backyard that looks like the Sahara or a lush-green jungle-themed natural pond, your swimming pool contractor should be able to create your dream escape.

Premier Pools & Spas has been the leading custom pool company in the United States for over thirty years. We are currently taking orders for swimming pools during COVID and after.  Contact us now for a free quote. We can even help with financing. Please note, some areas of the United States are experiencing construction delays.