A custom spa offers many avenues for creativity and lets you have your own unique space, which no one else possesses. From the basic shape of the spa to decorative elements, you have to meticulously select elements to adorn this façade. Let us share with you some amazing custom solutions to help you get the desired designs of pools with raised spas for your aquatic playground.

Customized Spa Shape

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The shape of the spa is the most important initial consideration. The spa shape will define the way it will appear. Even, the shape can influence some functionalities of your spa. To get on easy and avail most of the spa functions the best shape is round. The circular shape provides a natural and cozy seating configuration and is a good deal when several individuals are in the spa.

You can opt for an ellipse shape to make it appear slightly distinctive. An angular shape is ideal if you have a preference for a much bolder look. If you don’t want to go with the regular rectangle and square shapes, go for a more daring diamond, triangle, or hexagon.

Check Spa Elevation

How to Create Mesmerizing Pools with Raised Spa with Custom Solutions 1

The elevation of the spa, which is the height at which it is placed, is the next thing to consider. Numerous spas are designed at a level adjacent to the pool level. This is a good approach for those who have budget constraints. Even if the spa is combined with the pool, it can make a statement and accentuate the overall pool appearance.

But for a bolder poolscape, it is best to go with elevated heights. Pools with raised spas deliver more drama. A raised or elevated spa design is slightly expensive, but it also opens up a range of design possibilities. A simple pool design can have a dramatic look with a raised spa.

Go for Walled Beauty

How to Create Mesmerizing Pools with Raised Spa with Custom Solutions 2

An inground spa design built as a separate structure from the pool is a great approach for the backyard pool. However, a budget-friendly way is to build an attached spa so that it is part of the overall swimming pool structure.

An attached spa can be built in two ways. The most affordable and easiest approach is to position the spa inside the pool. The spa can be fashioned in any corner of the pool. The alternative method for creating an attached spa is to design it outside the perimeter of the pool. In this design, the spa shares only a part of its wall with the pool.

Spillover Designs

A spillover design is one where a small section of the dam is left open to let the water flow into the adjacent pool. There are varieties of ways to build the passage in various sizes and styles. The most popular spillover design is when it is positioned at the top of the spa wall waterline.

Accents and Embellishments

In addition to the above solutions, your spa can turn into a wonderful platform with a few decorative features and finishes. Water features, lighting, mosaic tiles, planters, and more such custom features can give your spa a totally distinctive appearance.

These are the best design options for pools with raised spas that enhance the overall look of your backyard swimming pool. The right selections can make your hot spa a relaxing, enjoyable retreat, and center of attraction of your pool.