Picture stepping into a backyard space in North Georgia and seeing bold tropical foliage, glowing garden lights and a swinging hammock, and listening to the sound of water as it trickles from the fountain. Can you already picture yourself sinking into the holiday-relaxation mood? While taking a trip to a faraway resort will make you spend a lot, with a few design tactics, you can create your own North Georgia backyard resort. You can take ideas from expensive resorts for furniture arrangements and options. But choose the blend of design elements that will give you utmost relaxation.

Atlanta backyard resort

There are lots of options available that you can use to enhance your outdoor space. But if you’re struggling with being creative, we’ve prepared the best and the simplest choices for you to create your own North Georgia backyard resort. Many of these ideas are simple to do and affordable.

Here are amazing ideas to create a stunning North Georgia backyard resort.

1. Poolside lounge space:

Elegant furniture, colorful throw pillows, and decorative umbrellas will help create a breathtaking North Georgia backyard resort. If you have picked a color palette or theme for your outdoor space, a good spot for it to play out is the pool area. You can start selecting umbrellas, linens, and furnishings in a fresh color palette. You can also make a pool area feel more resort-like. Simply roll up fresh towels and use a poolside basket to stash them.

2. Bar:

Can you picture what better way to have a great time than by just spending your weekend evenings at your private outdoor bar with your close friends? A backyard bar will create a resort-level ambiance that people look forward to when heading to a high-end retreat. Furthermore, an outdoor bar makes a good match with other outdoor space projects like a deck, the poolside lounge, and a pool.

Atlanta backyard resort

3. Use lights to set the mood:

Having your North Georgia backyard resort is all about setting the mood. If you’re doing a backyard remodel, lighting is an essential part of coming up with the right ambiance. You can begin by incorporating different kinds of ambient illumination that give your surrounds a subtle glow. Avoid bright, harsh lights and get softer mood illumination. If you’re willing to try new things you can look into other unique lighting fixtures or pool globes. These will give your Atlanta backyard resort a unique appearance.

4. Pool:

If you love hanging out in water, a pool is certainly a smart investment to consider. While the cost will most likely be high at first, constructing a swimming pool can completely transform a dull or boring outdoor space into an amazing luxurious vacation spot. The benefits associated with owning a pool on your property include added options for a mental health boost, physical activity, social engagement, and aesthetics.

5. Add a gazebo:

This feature is ideal for hot summer days in Atlanta. It will offer protection from the hot sun while also providing you with the opportunity to take in some clean air. You can either choose small wooden chairs and tables or install a gazebo in your Atlanta backyard resort, equipped with a swing bed. You can also use a variety of handmade rugs and cushions or dim lights to decorate the surrounds. If you’re looking for the best outdoor theme, then it is best if you install your gazebo next to the pool.

Atlanta backyard resort

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