Low Maintenance Pools Help Everyone

Most homeowners are always trying to find ways to make their property more environmentally friendly. Your very own backyard can be the overall key to becoming more friendly with the environment! There are several ways to make your backyard more conservative of all resources whether it be recycling water, using less chemicals, or even just wanting to create a low maintenance pool to save time.

Making Your Backyard Oasis Environmentally Friendly With Low Maintenance 1

Water Conservation

Finding ways to save water is an important factor when trying to create a low maintenance pool and be more environmentally friendly. Although California’s drought situation is becoming better, continuing to make smarter choices, like recycling water, can help prevent the drought from reaching that low point ever again. Especially living in the Palm Desert area, recycling water is a must. These actions can be taking by simply putting a waterfall into your pool or even a fountain. Just be sure that the water that comes out of the waterfall or fountain isn’t new water and that it is being recycled from the pool. Our team of experts can help you find the right design you want when redoing your backyard, helping you achieve that low maintenance pool you’ve always wanted.

Making Your Backyard Oasis Environmentally Friendly With Low Maintenance 2

Cutting Out the Grass

Another way to make your backyard more environmentally friendly as well as keeping it low maintenance is getting rid of the grass. Keeping your lawn and any other shrubbery maintained while living in the Palm Desert area can be a burden. Turning your property into a more desert landscape has benefits that help you and the environment at the same time! Switching your grass out for some stones or rocks will cut out the need for maintaining the lawn completely. This means there’s no longer a need for watering the grass or plants, saving your time from keeping the maintenance up and also saving water.

Making Your Backyard Oasis Environmentally Friendly With Low Maintenance 3

What is Your Opinion on Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is another way to keep your backyard eco-friendly, as well as cutting down the maintenance costs. Artificial turf emphasizes the lifestyle for low maintenance as well as offering many benefits to the property owner. Turf completely takes out the need for any herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers that are needed when keeping real grass maintained. Along with taking out the need for extra chemicals, many, many hours are saved without having to mow or get rid of weeds. So if you aren’t a fan of synthetic grass but want your yard to be a little more environmentally friendly, you might want to consider changing your mind.

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