From fire bowls to glowing fire pits and tiki torches, flame features are available in plenty. Using fire around your pool creates a striking image as the flames reflect off the pool’s surface. It creates a dramatic ambiance and lets you enjoy your pool time, especially during the night. Here are some powerful fire features for your pool.

Fire Table

fire elements

Get ready for a perfect outdoor entertainment with fire tables that radiate beauty and heat. They are available in square, rectangular and circular shapes. Fire tables come with a flame burner that ensures maximum flame features for your pool. You will have the option to light it manually or to sync it to an automated controller. This controller will get you remote access to turn on or turn off the burner in your fire table. Fire tables are available in different materials and can be customized to suit your requirement.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are one of the most popular flame features for your pool. These prefabricated vessels come in square and circular shapes and will set the night ablaze. Ideally, they are 12 to 24 inches tall and 2 to 3 feet in diameter. Fire bowls contain a burner that has a direct connection to a line of natural gas. Some models create enchanting visual by spouting a sleek water cascade onto the pool surface. Place these bowls along your pool’s perimeter on a structured perch. Proper pedestals are made to showcase your fire bowl’s beauty. Pedestals also ensure that flames have higher visibility.

Decorative Fire Pits

A decorative poolside fire pit is a custom-made structure that has a coordinating stone covering. What’s so special about this feature? It is built directly into your pool during the shotcrete process. Such fire pits are a deviation from traditional free-standing structures you may encounter. The fire pits are available in square, circular, or even triangular form depending on your pool’s style and design. Most pits are constructed about two to four feet tall. However, you can extend it higher and create a pillar-like form that emanates fire at the top. The dancing blue and orange fumes make striking scenery. Consider building these pits in pairs to make a bold statement about your pool’s décor.

fire features

Pool With Cauldrons And Fire Lanterns

Use the flame features artistically and create a majestic poolscape with cauldrons and fire lanterns. Chinese fire cauldrons and stained-glass lanterns around your pool will create a magical atmosphere. Watch the spectacular show as the flames reflect off the water surface and create shadows throughout your setting. This design also serves as a perfect setting for hosting a perfect party by your pool.

Fire Walls

Fire walls are one of the trendiest fire features in town. Construct a wall by your pool that radiates fire into the night sky. You can also add some water feature to enhance your backyard aesthetic. The calming sounds of water are combined with the brilliance of light that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. What’s more, fire walls act as retainers and help to stabilize your foundation.

Experiencing serenity and beauty is what you get with fire features. They make a great addition to your pool. Transform your pool by having one of these installed today!

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