As an owner of a residential backyard pool, you know how hard it is to end your swim time for the day. Spending hours in your pool without ever having to leave it might be your dream, but you will need to get out eventually. Even if you postpone everything in favor of your uninterrupted pool time, you need to go to your patio or deck for refreshments. And this is where a swim-up bar scores good points by allowing you to enjoy your drinks or snacks in the pool itself.

Get this favorite pool addition for your Redding home with Premier Pools and Spas and enjoy a lengthy water session.

Origins of Swim-Up Bars

They originally started as swim-up tiki bars in hotels and casinos in Las Vegas in the 1950s.

As a way to promote gambling and to take the pastime to the suburban vacation, the newly blossoming swimming tables were accompanied with blackjack tables and floating craps. Eventually,  swim-up and tiki bars started to earn more and more revenue. For this reason, we still see the successful combination of pools and bars in almost all hotels.

Gradually, with changing designs and needs, in-pool tables and bar stools became popular. Not just for commercial or public pools, people began investing in swim-up bars in their residential pools, too. These are particularly great options for homes where there is not much space left to build a patio.

Resort Life at Your Home

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To enjoy a resort life right at your Redding home, try adding a swim-up bar to your pool. By placing the in-pool table and bar stools, you can hang out with your friends and family without having to leave the cool relaxing water.

So, how to customize your swim-up bar? What are the requirements?

Depth: As per the advice of pool experts, you should install the swim-up bar, bar stools, and in-pool table in the shallow end of the pool. Typically, the water must be 30 to 42 inches deep in this area.

Height:  The seats must be comfortable, with appropriate height. They must allow you to remain in the pool, partially submerged in water. The table or countertop must be at least 6 inches above the coping of your pool. This way, the seated persons have sufficient knee room.

Benefits of Customizing Your Swim-Up Bar

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  • You can create a resort-style setting in your backyard.
  • You do not need a separate patio space; this is especially great if you have a small to medium sized backyard.
  • Enjoy the family fun time and entertain your guests in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • You can include your children in the enjoyment– host a pool party for kids and serve their snacks without asking them to leave the pool.
  • Bar stools and tables are entirely customizable; so, choose a design that the entire family can appreciate.
  • Swim-up bar seating can be made to be resistant to UV radiation and chemicals. You can also fix them permanently in your pool.

Get Your Ideal Backyard with Premier Pools and Spas

You have long dreamt of your own poolside bar for years and now is the time to get one. Let Premier Pools and Spas help you with the designs and make your dream come true.  Call us today and discuss your ideas.


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