Preventing recreational water illnesses is a valid concern for commercial pool owners. Poorly maintained pools can cause build up of bacteria and algae. Getting people to choose your swimming pool for the recreational needs means you have to ensure that your pool is well maintained. A Dallas commercial pool service company will take care of your pool as you focus on bringing in more customers.

As you decide on a company to provide the pool service, you should check to see that they can actually provide the services you need. Dallas commercial pool service technicians will ensure you have that peace of mind as your pool will be clean and safe.

Certified pool technicians will attend to your every need. Whether it’s cleaning, chemical balancing, opening or closing the pool and general repairs and inspections, they have you covered.

You can opt for a full package, which means that the pool service company will do all the work. You can also opt for other packages especially if you have pool employees who can do minor tasks such as cleaning.

Dallas Commercial pool service

Services offered by Dallas Commercial pool service are:

Cleaning services

Pool cleaning is an essential part of pool maintenance. It ensures that your pool water has the right chemical balance. The technicians ensure that the water is clear and test the pH levels regularly. Some owners might want to add the chemicals on their own and with proper training from the pool professionals, it is possible. However, some tasks are better done by a professional who is an expert at what they do.

Equipment maintenance

The pool technicians also provide maintenance services for your commercial pool equipment and accessories such as the hoses, pumps and control system.  They check the concentration of salt and chlorine, clean the filters and service any equipment for the pool.

Repairs and installations

Dallas Commercial pool serviceThe pool technicians repair your commercial swimming pool, so that it is always safe for users. They regularly inspect the pool, pool area and equipment to ensure everything is working properly. They also recommend upgrades as needed, which can improve your operations. Swimming pools do clog up or leak. The leak detection crew performs underwater testing to find any leaks and clogs and repair your pool.

Bulk chemical deliveries

The pool company delivers chemicals and pool equipment at your doorstep. Experience reliable and fast service from your Dallas commercial pool service company.  The drivers are certified to handle the chemicals and can deliver to your mechanical room, saving you time and resources.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Pool opening and closing
  • Cleaning and storage of pool covers
  • Draining and cleaning the pool
  • Cleaning the strainers and filter backwashing
  • Testing and balancing water chemistry
  • Cleaning the pool deck
  • Pool winterizing
  • Vacuuming the pool walls and floors
  • Installing a winter pool cover
  • Providing an annual mechanical report

All the Dallas commercial pool service technicians are well trained. They have also been awarded the certified pool operators certification to ensure that you get high quality service for all your pool needs.

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