Your deck is a place where leisure and luxury meet. Whether you are taking a quiet break or entertaining guests, your deck speaks volumes about your deck design approach. Today, decks can be created in a multitude of ways regardless of the scope or size of your house. From the perfect palatial Pacific-inspired lanais to a simple cement and brick veranda, these deck design ideas are limitless. Let’s get started.

deck design ideas

Deck with a view

Does your yard overlook a lake or mountains? Then why not consider building a deck with a great view? Consider building a balcony styled deck that is comfortable, relaxed, and lets you indulge in a breathtaking view. You can even add protective railings like glass partitions that don’t obstruct the view.

deck design ideas

Hot tub and pool deck

Align the deck and your house floor and use sliding patio doors that lead up to the deck. You can even leave this door open during warm weather! Structure your pool and hot tub in such a way that it is quickly accessible from many parts of the house. You will simply love to hop in and out of the spa and back to your home. Create an uncluttered look by having the hot tub integrated into the deck. Also, remember to shape your deck following the architecture and shape of your house.

Combine a deck with a patio

Get the best of both the worlds! Having a well-planned outdoor area will really help. Consider having a wooden deck for relaxing and dining. Also, have a raised patio and use tightly planted containers with vines, small trees, and shrubs. You can even try out the reverse with a raised sundeck for dining and sunning, and use the lower level as gardening area or patio.

Modern mix

Fill up your outdoor area with clean and modern glass and metal lines that meet the linear wooden decking. Most people often avoid wooden decks when it comes to modern architecture, but the presence of metal can emphasize the beauty of your stylish deck.

deck design ideas

Rustic beauty

Having a rich-wood deck surrounding your pool can transform it into something warm and inviting. Use boulders, either faux or real, to give a rustic touch to your poolside area. These boulders will also give a naturalistic look and act as walls for privacy.

Side-yard decks

Side-yards are pass-through areas where you can walk from the backyard to the front or vise versa. When you add a wooden deck, your side-yard is no longer a pass-through area but a destination. Consider adding some bamboo for privacy. You can even have your deck lead to a small garden or seating area. Here, you can enjoy your food, get a good read, or have some fun in the sun!

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