Cleaning the decking area – using pressure washer

Unfortunately, pools can be very tricky to maintain. They usually accumulate dirt, algae, and a lot of other types of bacteria. These bacteria might be a serious issue, and it poses a health hazard to anybody that is using the pool. Fortunately, there are efficient and fast ways, which you can use to clean up the swimming pool and the area around the swimming pool. For example, if you are cleaning the decking area, pressure washing is a very highly effective way to do that.


A pressure washer is powerful, and it features various settings, enabling you to customize the machine for the job at hand. When using the pressure washer together with a good cleaning solution, you can remove this build up around the swimming pool. It will allow you to clean the area from any bacteria, dirt, or algae.

This kind of cleaning method also saves money, energy, and time. Pressure washers are economical, user-friendly, and they work their magic fast. As a swimming pool service provider, pressure washing is the best option.

Pool preparation

image source: Angel Saavedra and Joshua Caslill, both lifeguards, clean around the pool deck

Make sure that the pressure washer is on an appropriate setting

You need to ensure that that the pressure washer is on the right setting for the task. When you are cleaning pool decks, you need to make sure that the pressure washer is on a setting, which is secure and not over-pressurized. If the setting is too high, you might begin to peel away the wood on the deck area, which can remove any paint or even stain the deck’s exterior.

Make sure the pool is drained before cleaning

The swimming pool has to be drained so as to pressure wash the area properly.

Get rid of any items or accessories on the decking area

You need to ensure that you have a clean environment and that there is no obstruction around while you are pressure washing. You must get rid of any items or accessories, which are on the deck.

Use a washing liquid with the pressure washer

It is essential that you incorporate a washing solution with the pressure washer. Sometimes, water is not sufficient so as to properly clean the area and remove all bacteria.


Angle at 90° and gently clean the deck

Using the pressure water at an angle of 90° will let you push bacteria away from the pressure washer, and it will make sure that you are not going to miss any spots. It is also essential that you be gentle while you are cleaning, making sure that you do not damage the pool deck.

Allow the mixture sit and then spray with water

After you have cleaned the deck, you need to permit the soapy mixture settle and soak in on the concrete and the deck. After that, you can spray it off using water approximately ten minutes later.

These are a few of the things, which you need to consider when you are cleaning pool decks.

It is your oasis! Keep it looking beautiful

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