When you think of summer, you think of swimming pools and sunbathing on a patio with a glass of your favorite drink in your hand.  Summer is a great time to enjoy fun activities in and around your pool. You can swim, dine, sunbathe or simply relax beside your pool. You want your swimming pool to have a luxurious feel and give you the most of your investment.

Patios can transform your pool into a haven for all your summer activities. The great thing is that the patio can be built after the pool has been installed.

This article will give you some deck ideas that you can get for your pool:

1. Sun deck

This can span a portion of the poolside or the whole perimeter of the pool. It is a place to sunbathe, relax and unwind. You can line it with stylish outdoor chaises to resemble the look of a luxurious resort. You can also add umbrellas to shield you when the sun becomes too much.

2. Bistro patio

This is a great idea if you have limited space. The bistro can be detached or part of the pool area. The design can also be used in pools with larger backyards. It gives you a place to sit and watch your kids while they splash around in the pool.

3. Garden oasis

A garden oasis is great for pools set in nature. It enhances the natural setting by using lush vegetation. You can add water features such as fountains or a waterfall and use planters.

4. Covered patio

If you don’t want to sunbath by the pool, a covered patio is ideal. It can be a wooden pergola, a curtained cabana or even a custom-designed pavilion to give you a place to relax.

5. Outdoor room

You can set it up with comfy lounge chairs and include your favorite indoor items. You can include an outdoor kitchen and dining area where you can entertain guests or dine with your family.

6. Backyard retreat

A backyard retreat includes various outdoor activities from dining with a friend to sunbathing and relaxing.  You can set out multiple seating and lounging areas.

When designing your deck, it is important to think about your lifestyle needs. Do you need an elaborate design for large parties or something simple for just you and your family to relax and have small parties? This should be the major influence on the kind of deck ideas you install.

Also, consider the type of materials you want to use. You can use wood, concrete or tiles among others. Different materials will have different costs, and you should get several quotes before deciding.

There are a lot of deck ideas to look at and picking one may not be an easy task. Professionals at Premier Pools and Spas will help you make the right decision. Contact us today!

Decking Ideas you can get around your pool in Raleigh this Winter

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