Do you want the ultimate fun option in your Salt Lake City outdoors that never gets old? Or perhaps you intend to bring your loved ones together for more quality time. Whichever way, a pool is a good investment! It provides you and your loved ones something to do on those warm summers. It can also add value to your property! However, a deck is a must-have for every pool. You can choose to go simple and get the first wood that will meet your eye. However, there are lots of decking ideas that will transform your outdoor space into a stunning staycation.

decking ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your backyard? Read on to discover the top decking ideas to create an amazing pool area.

Here are some decking ideas to consider for your space:

1. Go big

It is likely that you will want to get the most out of your new backyard pool as possible. This means that you and your children will probably want to invite friends over to have fun here.

If you want to host lots of pool parties, ensure you choose a larger deck. You will need lots of space to accommodate all your invited guests and incorporate a number of seating choices.

2. Incorporate a fire pit

What’s Picture a bonfire on cool summer nights in your Salt Lake City home? You and your partner can get intimate around the warm flames while your children will enjoy roasting s’ mores.

While you can purchase a portable fire pit, you might want to think about constructing one right into the pool deck. You can create the fire pit with the same material as your pool deck pit, so it looks consistent and elegant. Additionally, you can create an entire seating space around your fire pit, so you, your guests and family have lots of space to unwind and chat.

decking ideas

3. Use plants

Stone is not the only way to bring natural elements into the pool design. Incorporating plants into the design will give your pool area a lush and tropical feel.

Go for potted plants that will look great with the style of your deck as well as the other plants in landscaping. When selecting pots, you should consider those that match the deck material. This will let your pool deck and landscaping to flow together.

4. Shade

You will most likely want to get lots of sun while unwinding on your pool deck. However, sometimes the sun is simply very hot for comfort. Rather than risking sunburn or heading indoors, ensure your deck has a shaded area.

5. Play with shapes

Who says the pool and deck area should be a perfect rectangle? You can find lots of pools that are uniquely-shaped, which deserve a deck that’s uniquely shaped.

Think about having the inside part of the deck follow your pool’s shape, whether it is rectangular, rounds, or curvy.

decking ideas

Interested in Your Own Decking Ideas?

If you want to install a pool, ensure you take the time to plan the deck design, as well. From incorporating a fire pit to mixing materials, there are many decking ideas that can transform your pool area. Once you build the best pool, you will want to ensure it will last for many years to come. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today to get more decking ideas for your pool area!

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