Your backyard is full of activities during summer as you and your family enjoy swimming in your backyard oasis. As the holiday season approaches the weather is cooler, and you mostly stay indoors. This holiday season decorates your Redding swimming pool and has more fun as you usher in the New Year.

Whether you winterize your pool or leave it open for the winter, you can enjoy your pool this holiday season. From floating decorations to fire features you can create a memorable holiday season this year.

Here are some ideas you can consider to decorate your Redding swimming pool for the holiday season:

Use string lights

Almost every home will have string lights on walls, roofs, and doors as the holiday season approaches. So, why not give your Redding swimming pool the same treatment? String lights from the roof of your house across the pool and flair up the festive mood. You can thread the lights through trees and greenery and weave them through the tree trunks. Use colored lights to create different shapes that will leave your guests impressed.

Wrap it up

Closing your pool for the winter is no excuse to not decorating your pool this holiday season. You can put a large bow on your pool cover. Use red, green, or both colors to match the season and enjoy it as guests admire your handiwork.

Add inflatables

Add inflatables to your pool this holiday season. A floating Santa Claus, reindeer, or wreaths will make the kids faces light up with joy as you celebrate the holidays. You can also use floating lanterns or ornaments such as Christmas tree bulbs on the water or pool cover. Ensure they are unbreakable to prevent accidentally broken pieces from damaging your pool cover or liner.

Use greenery

Create a winter wonderland by stringing greenery in your backyard. You can use red ribbons on the greenery to make it more colorful. Line your pool with greenery using trimmed Christmas tree and holly branches. This will form a visible barrier around your Redding swimming pool and prevent accidental falls into the pool.

Hang ornaments

Use plastic ornaments to decorate the greenery surrounding your pool area. They add color and life to your backyard oasis. You can also place ornaments around the pool and on the pool cover to create a winter wonderland.

Floating candles

Light candles and float them in your pool this holiday season. You can use elaborate and colored candles or simple white candles. Either will transform your pool area into an elegant style that will add to your holiday décor.

Floating Balloons

This holiday season use balloons to create Christmas trees and other shapes or designs. Float these designs on your open pool. You can find tutorials on how to create shapes from balloons online.

Transform your Redding swimming pool into a setting you like and enjoy the festivities in style. Remember to read manufacturers’ instruction on decorations and use them as recommended to avoid safety hazards this holiday season.

Decorate your Redding pool this Holiday Season

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