Before starting a pool project, you need to make a budget and stick to it. Affordable inground pools are not an easy feat considering the heavy upfront costs of a gunite or concrete pool. Along with proper pool budgeting, you need the help of pros to make it happen. Here are some tips that may help:

You Can Delay Adding the Heater

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After buying a pool, you needn’t rush into the installation of equipment like pool heaters. A heater is undoubtedly an excellent addition to your pool. But, you can delay it for 1-2 seasons. Take this time to understand your needs and the type of heater that will suit them perfectly. There are options like gas heaters and heat pumps. And you need to assess their features, prices, and budget to make the right pick.

Remember, a pool heat pump can cost anywhere near $4000. It’s a huge investment that can wait for a while if you have a tight budget at the time of pool installation.

Choose a Smaller Size

Often, when looking for affordable inground pools, people neglect the impact of sizing on the overall pool costs. It may so happen that you can’t afford a large swimming pool. In this case, it makes more sense to invest in a smaller one that fits your budget. If you are getting the pool for your kids, you can leave aside all your worries regarding its size. Irrespective of the size, your kids will enjoy their little swim zone for hours upon hours.

Wait for Adding a Patio

In a pool project, a patio is probably the most expensive feature. So, it’s no wonder many homeowners add a patio later on. If you are also working on a tight budget, you can get a concrete apron near the pool and construct the patio later on when you have the funds. If you add a patio after some time, you can choose stone pavers for the area surrounding pool because it blends perfectly with older structures.

Hold On for Additional Pool Features

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When building a swimming pool, it is natural to think about additional pool features like waterslides, waterfalls, fountains, lighting, or grottos. While all these features are fascinating, you can push them to your waitlist for a later date. Instead, get the plumbing done for these features at the time of pool construction. It makes adding the features easier down the road.

A waterslide alone costs more than $2000, and it needs proper installation as well. So, you can stall the project for some time and save thousands of dollars on your initial investment.

Delay Buying the Pool Covers

Though pool covers are essential to save your pool from any outside element, you can delay it by 6-7 months if possible. If you build a pool in the first part of the year, you can wait until the season ends for installing the cover. You don’t need this protection in the summer months. So, you can easily delay this expense by a few months.

When looking for affordable inground pools, these are some tips that can help to save more on your initial upfront costs.

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