If you want to make pool additions in your backyard to make it more lively, start with the deck options. Designing your pool deck is the first logical step to take as that is where you and your family will chill after a swim. Do not make the same mistake as most people do: that is neglecting to look into cool pool deck designs. It is true that your pool hogs all the attention, but this humble little area matters the most. Visually pleasing deck designs welcome people in to have a comfortable poolside time.

Make Proper Seating Arrangements

backyard color scheme

It is important to have good furniture when you arrange the seating area on the deck. After all, this is the place your guests relax when you entertainment them by your pool. Hence, it goes without saying that there should be ample space in the pool deck designs you consider.

Plus, tanning ledges are great options to have where you can soak your feet in the cool water. Put up some comfortable beach chairs for sun tanning and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Or, if it gets too hot, you can always fix temporary umbrellas to the furniture and protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Get an Additional Room

Another great idea to enjoy the outdoors without having to be in direct sunlight is an outdoor room. Similar to the beach umbrellas, awnings offer you the much-needed shade from the hot sun’s rays. But you can have these fixed permanently too and use it as an entertainment area.

Having your own backyard pool in Los Angeles means that you will be hosting a lot of pool parties during the summer. Hence, you will need space to store amenities close by the pool. This outdoor room by the deck can act as a separate guest room too if needed. Or, just have a gazebo which offers partial enclosure, but is private.

Elevate the Value with Water Features

You can make the most improvement in pool deck designs with fabulous water features. These go well with any pool shape with a gorgeous setup. Depending on your need and who will be accessing the pool, add the appropriate water features.

For instance, if there are children in your home, then waterslides can turn your pool into a mini amusement park for them. If there are more adults using the pool, then your main goal is to have privacy. Then choose waterfalls or fountains which not only block the view from outside but also reduce the noise.

Install Deck Lighting

benefits of pool lighting

In-pool features are what people focus on while making new additions. Likewise, they also get colorful, eye-catching lights for the pool and underwater. These really make the pool pop, but what about the surroundings, especially the deck area?

It is all good when the sun is still up, but you need enough lighting when you venture out in the night for a relaxing swim. Not just for matters of safety, you can multiply the beauty of your backyard with deck light fixtures. To make your romantic evenings more mesmerizing choose unique lighting schemes.

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