There is no denying that the perfect design is one of the most important parts of your ideal backyard oasis. Just don’t forget the rest of the features! Let’s take a look at a few design tips for you to keep in mind.

design tips backyard oasis


Choose captivating colors

You don’t have to repaint your backyard walls to add an eye-catching dash of color to your oasis. For your furnished areas, use colorful cushions! It’s a relatively easy way to add a dash of personality, and you can easily change them out for different colors as the seasons change. Optional accent lights are also a fast and easy way to add the perfect hue.

design tips backyard oasis


Set up useful shade

Depending on where you live, shade can be optional, or it can be an absolute requirement. Depending on the pool design that you have, you will need to choose the best solution to complement it.

Basic awnings and umbrellas can create shady spots, try exploring other possibilities. Instead of an umbrella, opt to use a well-crafted wooden pergola. If this seems too complex, a simple shade sail can still provide an abundance of sun protection while still creating an air of openness.

Another option is making effective use of plants. Freestanding shrubs and trees can create useful shade if they are positioned correctly. However, you can also make use of trellises and arbors in conjunction with climbing plants. In fact, this leads into our next point…

Design tips for your backyard oasis 1

Pick perfect plants

Having the right foliage in your backyard is also very important, especially if privacy is a major concern. Flowers can also be a great way to add color, creativity, and charm. Sometimes your pool can leave you with limited space. If this is the case, you can still get the greenery that you desire by making smart use of planters.

design tips backyard oasis

Find functional and fashionable furniture

Finally, you may be able to place seating within arm’s reach of the pool. The massive catalog of outdoor furniture that is available can be overwhelming, so plan ahead. Consider a barbecue area, a dining area, an entertainment space, or a secluded book reading hideaway. Think of it a true extension of your home and it will blend effortlessly.

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