During the stuffy Texas summers, your backyard offers you the breathing space you need. Hence it is important to choose a swimming pool design to make it more appealing. There are a myriad ways to design the area that surrounds your pool. But here are some much loved yet refreshing styles to decorate your backyard oasis!

Pick Out a Shade Sail

While the colorful umbrellas are still popular, the shade sail is fast gaining ground. It lends greater cover and does not take up as much ground space. Located to one side, its asymmetric design is modern yet functional and tasteful!

Consider an Enchanting Deck

pool decking wood

Surprise your family with an exotic setting around the pool. There are many artifacts to choose from namely- fake rocks and pebbles, tropical plants or a wooden diving board! These could give your backyard the look of an island paradise.

Use Colored Pebbles or Rocks to Demarcate Areas

Make use of decorative pebbles and stones to demarcate areas by the deck so that it appears seamless and natural. A carefully curated ambiance will remind you of sunbathing on a beach. Create a tranquil space akin to a Zen garden complete with stones and ferns. Such an extraordinary swimming pool design will ensure the time you spend swimming is as refreshing as going to the spa!

Choose your Garden Furniture with Care

Your furniture should help you spend hours relaxing, reading or entertaining friends in your backyard. So it is important that it is comfortable but does not crowd the space. Choose chairs and tables of a robust, yet light material and in hues that blend seamlessly into the colors of the sunrise or sunset.

Consider Building a Giant Pergola near the Pool

shade structures

A pergola with its oriental or countryside look can be the focal point of your poolside decor. It lends a special charm while giving you the perfect place to install benches for sunbathing. You could also have sofas for lazing on a Texas summer evening by the water.

Use Plants Creatively Around the Pool

Plant a green screen to shield the pool from view. A neat row of clumping bamboo as a hedge could do the trick. While lending your pool a tropical paradise’s look, it could create an intimate and sheltered space behind. Sprinkle a few potted plants to create areas of dense foliage to complete the look.

Scatter Lights along the Pool Border

Design Tips for your Backyard Oasis 1

A well-lit pool not only lends a welcoming glow but also provides safety! Decorate the edge of your pool with beautiful stone or metal lanterns. They add an old-world charm and give you diffused lighting to relax in the late evenings. You could also hang lights from sturdy trees around the garden so that it appears like natural starlight from afar. Choose from fixed or floating underwater LED lights to decorate your pool and create a special ambience after nightfall.

The budget is never a cause for concern when you have a creative mind. You can design a perfect outdoor paradise graced with a lovely swimming pool design within your budget with the aforementioned tips!

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