If you are a swimming and fitness enthusiast, build your Gulfport MS pool in the form of a lap pool. It is narrow and long, ideally at 45-feet depending on space in your backyard. Typically, the lap pools have a rectangular shape and they work well for narrow houses. In recent times, the popularity of lap pools has grown tremendously for residential lots that are smaller and narrower. Here is what you can do to design a perfect lap pool in your home.

Consider Pool Dimensions

Designing the Perfect Gulfport MS Pool 1

There is no definite size for designing lap pools. They can be as long as possible in the available space. A good length facilitates good swim without taking too many turns every time. The most popular size options for residential lap pools are 12.5m, 15m, 20m, and 25m. You can choose concrete to build a custom-sized lap pool.

In terms of width, you can go for 2.5 meters. It is the ideal width used in most commercial swim centers as well. It allows two swimmers at a time doing their laps. The depth of a lap pool needn’t be more than 1.2-2 meters that allow tumble turns to the swimmers.

Consider Pool Access

When building a Gulfport MS pool for swimming laps, you need to think of easy access. You wouldn’t need internal steps in your pool to get in your way. Hence, opt for niche wall steps or offset steps with a metal grab rail for convenient access to the pool.

Consider Pool Utility

A lap pool needn’t be restricted for swimming laps only. You can convert it into a family fun destination by adding cool features. Enhance the utility of your pool by features such as spas, swim-up bars, and other water features that suit everyone. Add an integrated spa that will economize the space and extend the fun of your pool.

Consider Pool Maintenance

Building a Gulfport MS pool isn’t enough. For year-round fun, you need to maintain it as well. You should protect your pool with regular maintenance and a pool cover that conserves the energy. Choose a simple thermal blanket or an automated cover that retracts under the pool. To save your pool from elements, you can also build it inside the home. An indoor lap pool offers year-round facility but you may miss the outdoor vibes when the weather is pleasant outside.

Tucson backyardConsider Pool Decking


The deck around your pool is an integral part of its design. It works as an extension of your pool. Hence, choose the right materials for your pool decking. The standard choices include tiles, wood, natural stones, and concrete paving. Apart from the material, you need to choose the right size as well. A pool deck should ideally be 4-8 feet wide to allow easy access and maintenance of the pool. It will also keep the debris out of the water and prevent your garden from hazards of water clogging.

These are some essential factors that you can consider when designing a Gulfport MS pool for swimming laps. Keep the design minimal and functional to enjoy the swimming sessions.

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