A  pool with no edge is very similar to an infinity pool but with one difference. It allows water to overflow on all four sides. It is also known as knife edge/wet edge/perimeter-overflow swimming pool. The water overflowing is collected in a catch basin and recirculated back to the pool. So, how do you build this amazing pool in your home?

Control the Backyard Elements

Use an automated system to control backyard elements like heaters, light, water or fire features, and pool circulation. You will also need overflow or surge tanks for the construction. This tank recirculated the water that is overflowing from the edges. It will also collect water and rainfall from bather displacement.

You can make the tank visible or have it underneath your patio. Consider raising the decking arrangement around your pool. This way, the water on the patio – from precipitation or splash can flow smoothly back into the surge tank.

The Vanishing Illusion

summer dream pool

A pool with no edge must have the right elevation for achieving the vanishing edge illusion. The angle of elevation is customizable. Do you wish to see the vanishing edge while swimming? Or while relaxing on the deck? Or from the insides of your home? The answer to these questions will help professionals determine the right elevation angle.

Design and Engineering

Your design process will be greatly simplified if you understand the end-product. Consider using 3D renderings along with 2D computer-aided design. This will render a clear picture of the initial pool proposal. 3D renderings, in particular, help prevent construction delays, and costly errors.

A soil analysis will then have to be done for determining the pool’s footing and structure. Presence of groundwater might also be a concern if your home is situated near a river or on a high-water table. The next step is to select the right materials with which you plan to build the pool.

Building the Knife-Edge

The most challenging part of your pool construction will be to create a knife-edge. Your pool wall will be sloped away from the water level at a certain angle. This unique form will help the pool to achieve the desired visual effect.

Water will flow from the pool’s wall in between the pool’s edge or decking surface. You can cannel this overflowing water through a gutter or perimeter trough for recirculation. Water level achieved this way is flush with the deck and imparts a pure reflective surface.

Full of Features

swimming pool in house

Adding extra features to your pool with no edge will enhance its beauty. Consider using glass tiles for your pool. You can use custom blended colors that create a visually stunning, colorful effect. Coat your pool shell with a waterproofing membrane and a thermally applied coating.

Make your pool energy-efficient by incorporating an automatic pool cover. This feature will help to reduce heating costs by 70 percent and the cost of water filling by 90 percent. You will also save more on maintenance since the pool will be free from debris.

A perimeter overflow pool makes an excellent addition to your home. Professionals best do its construction. They will have all the necessary equipment and techniques to build a pool of your dreams!

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